5 High-Volatility Stocks for the Market’s Next Upswing

Highland Lakes, NJ, 2nd June 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, A tactical investor would always prefer riding out a high-vol stock to cutting their losses in a down market. They wouldn’t sell a volatile stock when it’s plunging into the lowest of the lows because they know that this downturn could trigger a selling spree, driving demand and the stock rate sky high.

According to Stock Region University, this year hasn’t exactly been a bed of roses for high-stakes investors. On the bright side, it can only go up from here.

Embrace a positive mindset, sign up for a Basic Telegram Weekly Membership, and invest in some or all of the following highly ‘dynamic’ stocks of 2022.

1. Prospect Capital Corporation

Prospect Capital Corporation has been moderately volatile, but we think it’s leaning just north of high-vol. While the company itself provides business development services, it aims to generate cash flow and upsize capital by investing in equity and debt.

We don’t know what its capital appreciation goals are, but at the moment:

  • Its market capitalization is almost $3 billion.
  • It opened at $7.64 on 12th May.
  • Its previous day’s closing rate was $7.72.
  • Its 5Y Monthly Beta is 0.86.

If you look at the company’s stock price chart over the past month, you’ll notice a rather hilly downward trend, with the rate rising as high as $7.74 and going as low as $7.53 before going up as far as $7.72 in mid-May. Keep an on the stock’s future by activating alerts using your VIP Discord Monthly Membership.

2. Urban One, Inc.

Urban One, Inc. is in a class of its own. The 42-year-old company is based in Maryland and has the honor of being a major African American-owned media company. It operates cable networks, radio stations, and other forms of media, but it’s not doing so hot now

The company’s monthly stock chart shows a spiky pattern, opening at $6.04 on 12th April and closing at a new low of $6 on 11th May. We consider this company’s stocks highly volatile despite being worth an impressive $335.31 million.

3. Alterity Therapeutics

As far as causes go, Alterity Therapeutics is right up there with the best of them all. The company is allegedly developing therapies for diseases common in people of advanced age, such as Parkinsonian disorders and Alzheimer’s disease.

Today, the company’s market capitalization is $43.32 million, and its monthly stock price isn’t volatile, but it is on a slightly downward trend. After maintaining a rate of $0.020 for the past month, it suddenly dropped to $0.017 on 12th May.

Fortunately, the company’s stock price isn’t too high for investors to panic over the latest plunge. Plus, the rate has always picked up with new developments, which you can keep an eye on with a Premium Telegram Yearly Membership.

4. Carver Bancorp, Inc.

Established in 1948, Carver Bancorp, Inc. is one of the oldest companies on this list. It provides banking services, such as loan grants, mortgages, online banking services, bank accounts, credit and debit cards, and payroll management in New York.

As of mid-May, the company’s market capitalization was $30.32 million, and its stock plunged more in a single day than most companies’ do in a month. Speaking of months, Carver Bancorp’s stock opened at $6.81 on 12th April and plunged further to $6.76 before closing at $7.62 on 11th May. You can keep on such slight dips with a VIP Telegram Lifetime Membership.

5. Affirm Holdings, Inc.

Things look pretty bad over at Affirm Holdings, Inc., but they could be worse. The publicly traded FinTech company isn’t too volatile, but its stock has been on a definite downswing over the past month. However, that doesn’t make it a poor investment.

The company’s market capitalization is $5.17 billion, whereas its current stock price is $18.19 versus $37.48 on 12th April, which was a month ago. Although the six-month beta and the 5Y monthly beta will tell you that the stock couldn’t go any lower, the company has recently started securitizing loans and partnered with retail giants to return to its glory days.

Keep an Ear Out for the Upswing with Stock Region University

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