5G user experience in comparison

Global study of the open signal 5G user experience in comparison

Germany is one of the Games and experience the voice quality experience in Apps and Upload speed to be in the Top Ten of the 5G-countries, but not the Download speed, Video, experience, availability, and range. This is a recent study by opensignal found.


The analysts of the open signal has investigated the experiences of 5G users worldwide.
The analysts of the open signal has investigated the experiences of 5G users worldwide.

(Image: © – Aliaksandr Marko – stock.adobe.com)

Open signal current study Benchmarking the global 5G experience analyzes and compares the global 5G-user experience, including leading 5G countries such as the Netherlands, South Korea and Saudi Arabia. The data you have collected in the period from the beginning of October until the end of December 2020.

According to these data, there are currently only five countries, the 5G-Games-experience with measured values of 85 as excellent’ll classified. Germany’ve missed this classification, almost: The measured value of 84.9 mean in sixth place behind the Netherlands, South Korea, Ireland, Canada and Australia.

With a 5G-Upload speed of 32.5 MBit/s in the Netherlands win the first place, followed by South Korea, Taiwan, and Switzerland, according to the study. Germany (22,3 MBit/s) is located here, in midfield, in front of Brazil, the United Arab Emirates, Spain, and Thailand. In the area of 5G Download speed, it did not make Germany one of the Top Ten. Top is South Korea, with a Download speed of 354,4 MB/s.

The 5G-voice quality experience in Apps Germany had one of the front rank, the score of 84.4 has only been from South Korea, and Ireland exceeded.

The time of the users are connected to 5G, according to the study, in six countries, more than 20 per cent, Kuwait, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, and Saudi Arabia.