A generational change in lightweight lifebooks

Fujitsu Lifebook U and E Series
A generational change in lightweight lifebooks

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Fujitsu makes the lifebooks of the E5 series slimmer and equips them with Intel Alder Lake and AMD Ryzen 5000U processors. The battery life also increases. The lighter U7 and U9 models also get an upgrade to the current Intel CPUs.

Fujitsu is now equipping the lifebooks of the E and U series with Intel's 12th generation Core U processors. The thinner E5 devices are additionally available with Ryzen-5000U CPUs from AMD.
Fujitsu is now equipping the lifebooks of the E and U series with Intel’s 12th generation Core U processors. The thinner E5 devices are additionally available with Ryzen-5000U CPUs from AMD.

(Photo by Fujitsu )

The new Lifebook E5 models with magnesium housings are 25 percent lighter. In addition, the 14- and 15.6-inch notebooks have become thinner: the E5412 and 5412A models are now 19.9 mm slim. The larger E5512 and the E5512A are just a touch thicker at 20.1 mm.

As for the processor, the manufacturer gives the choice between 12th generation Intel core processors, specifically Alder Lake U models with 15 watts base power, and Ryzen 5000U processors with 15 watts TDP as well. While the Intel CPUs are equipped with two fast P-cores and four to eight additional efficient E-cores, the AMD processors have four to eight cores. The graphics are provided by the integrated Intel Iris Xe or AMD Radeon RX Vega graphics units. The anti-reflective Full HD displays are available with touch detection on request. There is now a slider in front of the HD webcam to cover the lens.

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Lifebook E5: Longer Battery Life

The motherboards each come with two memory sockets for up to 64 GB of DDR4 SDRAM. M.2 PCIe SSDs with memory sizes between 256 GB and two TB serve as mass storage. The new CPUs should not only deliver more power, but also create a longer period of time away from a power outlet: the manufacturer calls a complete day in continuous operation as battery life.

“Hybrid work models have long been established, which is why our new elegant Lifebook E5 models are designed for mobility and strong performance at home, in the office or on the road,” says Rüdiger Landto, Senior Director Global CCD Business at Fujitsu. “All Lifebook models are equipped with enterprise security features as standard to make it easier to log in and protect data at the same time.” As an option, PalmSecure can be ordered for logging in via secure hand vein recognition.

The interfaces include a Gigabit Ethernet port and an interface for a port replicator that can be used for the E5 and U7 series. The Intel models are also equipped with Thunderbolt 4. The E5 models with LTE can be ordered for mobile work without WLAN access. Thin client versions of the Lifebooks E5412 and E5512 are available for centralized or cloud-based user scenarios.

Lifebook U: Upgrade with Alder Lake

The lighter Lifebook-U models remain the same on the outside, but also get an upgrade to Alder Lake processors. While the U7 notebooks, which weigh from 1.04 kg with a 13.3-inch and from 1.18 kg with a 14-inch panel, are built with the Alder Lake U CPU and the faster but hungrier Alder Lake P with four P-cores and additional e-cores, the ultra-light U9312 with 885 grams is only available with the U models of Core i5 or Core i7. The also extremely lightweight 360-degree convertible notebook Lifebook U9312X with pin recognition also receives the new Alder Lake U processors.

In addition to the security and privacy options, the Lifebook U7312 and U7412 also have an ePrivacy filter in the display, which protects content from prying eyes. In addition, the lightweight premium models of the U7 and U9 series are also available on request with a 5G module for a faster mobile Internet connection. According to the manufacturer, all new Lifebook models can be ordered from now on, Fujitsu does not specify prices.

They will work even more closely together in the future (from left): Santosh Wadwa (Fujitsu), Björn Siewert (Siewert & Kau), Heiko Lühr (Fujitsu) and Markus Hollerbaum (Siewert & Kau)


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