According to VanEck also a Valkyrie in the race

Today, on the 25. January 2021 starts for the 51. The Davos Agenda at the world economic forum. In addition to topics such as environmental awareness and healthy eating, this year will also be sessions on the topic of crypto-currencies.

Unlike in past years, the annual meeting of the world economic forum (WEF) takes place due to the COVID-19-pandemic, virtually and not on site in the Swiss Davos. The virtual sequence is not the only renewal of the Davos Agenda. Under the item “Fair Economies” will be discussed this year for the first time, issues around crypto-currencies. In total, more than 2,500 representatives of the Foundation of the WEF will participate in the Davos Agenda. Discussions about crypto-currencies of the Governor of the Bank of England, Andrew Bailey, and the CEO of Western Union, Ersek, in addition to other prominent personalities in the financial sector, Hikmet. In a total of five days, two separate sessions will include – on the Monday, and on Thursday –topics to crypto-currencies and Blockchain.

Davos Agenda: the Blockchain and the CBDC-focus

COVID-19 has accelerated the long-term shift from cash. In the meantime, digital currencies of Central banks that might alter the way people interact around the world with money arise.

So it is said in the Program the Agenda called “GBBC (Global Blockchain Business Council) Blockchain Central Davos”. Therefore, the focus of the first session, the emergence of CBDCs and the associated Decrease of the cash. Digital currencies are already since last year, an integral part of the Davos Agenda. Already in January, the WEF called for a Framework to life, with the help of banks CBDCs better predict and thus better use can. Sitting Member Andrew Bailey expressed to currencies already in September 2020 these issues and questioned the sustainability of Crypto in question:

Your value can’t quite fluctuate wildly, which is surprising. You seem to me unfit for the world of payments, depends on the value of security.

The second day of the session on Thursday will be held under the name “Blockchain, AR, VR, IoT – How new technologies change in the media landscape”. Will participate, among others, Nikita Bokarev, CMO at Sensorium Corporation and Michael Casey, COO at CoinDesk.

You may be curious what comes in the two-day discussions about crypto-currencies and Blockchain out. The fact that crypto-currencies have made the leap in the annual Meeting of the world economic forum, however, shows that these subjects are always more in the point of view of the most important researchers and institutions in this world.