Samsung Smartphones lose value quickly, is an open secret. Also the Galaxy-S20-Smartphones are affected by this price decline. Shortly after the launch of the Galaxy S21 of the price of its predecessor drops drastically. In the case of Amazon, there is the 5G Version is now cheaper than the 4G Version.

Samsung Galaxy S20

Samsung Galaxy S20 with 5G very cheap available

Update from the 21.01.2020: In the case of Amazon, the Samsung Galaxy S20 is sold in the 5G equipment for the price of only 609,99 Euro. The better Version costs less than the 4G model. If you want to have a future-proof phone, dig in here now. In the case of Amazon there are the extended warranty of three years, as an added Bonus.

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The Samsung Galaxy S20 came in mid-March for 899 Euro on the market and has since experienced a real price decline. After only a few days, there was already the first offers, now saves you several Hundred euros. Even large companies, such as MediaMarkt and Saturn want to have much less. And also Amazon lowers the prices. There is then 3 instead of 2 years warranty. After a few months on the market, which is obviously a massive loss of value – but basically normal for Samsung devices.

Samsung Galaxy S20: What makes the cell so special?

Samsung has made the Galaxy S20 is very much correct, as I have in the Test. The 120-Hertz Display, convince the new camera and high Performance. Alone battery life you have to make small compromises. What is the phone still has it so we can tell you in the following Video:

In addition to the Galaxy S20, there is the Galaxy S20 Plus and Galaxy S20 Ultra. Both offer a slightly better features, but also cost a lot more. The Galaxy S20 is a compact all-rounder that I personally prefer.

Samsung Galaxy S20: what’s next?

The price for the Samsung Galaxy S20 will continue to fall. There is absolutely no doubt about that. When he approaches the price mark of about 600 euros, is the phone a real price-performance hit. By then, all the strike, have been waiting for should. GIGA will inform you if the price has reached this magical limit.