Android phones have a convenient feature that hardly anyone uses

Modern Android smartphones now work so well that you no longer have to lend a hand. Everything runs smoothly and automatically. Nevertheless, there is a function that you should run every now and then to get everything out of the phone. Many do not even know this practical feature at all.

Android phones: Clearing cache can be worth it

When was the last time you cleaned your Android phone and freed it from unnecessary files? Most Android users are unlikely to do this at all, since modern smartphones manage to clean themselves up quite well. Accordingly, the result of the colleagues from Android Authority clearly, in which 50 percent chose exactly this answer after a survey. Only a fifth said they have cleaned up their phone in the past week. The rest of the distance was greater. Manual cleaning can have a positive effect.

Especially if an app or game is not working properly, this can Clearing the cache via the settings makes sense be. To do this, you just need to go to the settings and apps. There you then sort by applications that occupy the most memory, go to the properties and delete the cache. If you no longer use an app, but do not want to delete it, you can also save some storage space. However, the next time you start the app, it will take a little longer to load.

Samsung has integrated such a feature in Android 11, like this Video show:

There is another option

But it is even easier, because some smartphone manufacturers offer device maintenance to. The battery, memory, working memory and device protection are optimized there with just one press. If you have such a function, you should use it regularly so that the mobile phone stays fast and no unnecessary memory is occupied. In the high-end sector with a lot of storage space and RAM, this is usually not a big problem, but with entry-level and mid-range mobile phones, this can already do a lot.

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