More than just phone Calls: For many, the mobile phone is already money in the stock market, navigation device, or game console. With a new Initiative, Google is now but a further step. In the future, Android Smartphones will be the digital equivalent of a Swiss army knife, and as a key or card to serve.

The list of devices, which has replaced the Smartphone for many owners is long. It ranges from the camera to the MP3 Player, and some do without, in the meantime, even on a “classical” computers, and do everything from the phone to the appropriate Apps to thank. In safety-relevant areas dominate but still traditional solutions, which is also the lack of Standards. Here are the to newly established “Android Ready SE Alliance” now to correct the situation.

Android Smartphones to ID, keys, and wallet

Together with partners, Google wants to create the conditions for the Android Smartphones in the future as a digital key can be used, for example, to Their own home, in the Car or in the office is open. Also, the mobile phones as Identity card or driver’s license or for eMoney solutions will be used to with the Smartphone pay to be able to. Some of this is already third-party Apps, and additional peripherals possible. The Android-Ready SE Alliance would like to now, but open and uniform Standard to createthe manufacturers can use. To promote the dissemination of the Features.

Thus, the Smartphone can act in the future as a key or ID card, you must have the device the appropriate Hardware in the Form of a security chip. In many modern-day models, this is already the case, such as the Pixel phones from Google.

What is in Android 11 new:

Smart door locks are already available

If you can’t wait and already his apartment with the cell phone unlocking would like to, you can, however, access to smart door locks, such as the Nuki smart lock 2.0. In the GIGA-Test was able to achieve an excellent rating of 90 percent, and was, among other things, for easy setup and praised easy-to-use App.