Between visions and mills of the policy

Twitter-Anniversary 15 years Twitter: Between visions and mills of the policy

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Andrei Sokolov and Christoph Dernbach, dpa
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“I am setting up my twttr” – 15 years ago, wrote co-founder Jack Dorsey, the first Tweet. It is a service of news and ideas, and lies can spread it was. Dorsey’s Vision is a platform on which to learn, what is happening.


Than 15 years ago, the first Tweet was sent, you should Twitter to the place where you find out what's happening.
Than 15 years ago, the first Tweet was sent, you should Twitter to the place where you find out what’s happening.

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15. Birthday is similar to Twitter, a large construction site. Co-founder and chief Jack Dorsey has to bring an Evolution in the sense that the Twitter far more than the usual short news format. To end a tweet with the name “Fleets”, the “Spaces”-talk round to the patterns of the popular Start-ups Clubhouse, and in the future, even the possibility of a tweet of its own Algorithms, sort of alone disappear. In addition, Twitter (English word for “Twitter is testing”) the possibility of paying subscribers to make exclusive content or deals available.

Dorsey’s Vision: Twitter is the place where you learn what’s happening – and it has. The path is rocky. How to find each of the Tweets in the flood of millions of news? How can you as the operator to ensure that the sound remains civilized? And that the platform will not be used for the Manipulation of public opinion – as in the case of the large-scale Russian campaign for the US presidential election of 2016?

Opinion-mongering and manipulation

In order to prevent the Latter, dared to Dorsey, a radical cut: since the end of 2019, the Twitter can be no Tweets on political issues more than Display the projects. Nevertheless, the past year was the trial by fire for the handling of controversial content. Twitter opted for a strong action against Tweets with false or misleading information about the Coronavirus and the US presidential election. The engine of the conflict between Twitter and his long time the most powerful user of the now former U.S. President Donald Trump on the top.

For Trump, the Twitter profile with more than 80 million subscribers by far the most important channel of communication. Twitter left him with reference to the historical significance of his Tweets long, among other things, insults go, for the ordinary users to quickly Trouble would get. However, in the spring of 2020, Trump crossed the red lines, so that the fragile Agreement was crumbling.

Twitters Blockages

Trump claimed in a tweet that the letter of choice in the coronavirus crisis raise the risk of fraud and preparing the ground for his later Attempts to overturn the legitimate results of the election. Twitter provided a Trump Tweet after the other with warnings. Republicans cited Dorsey several times before congressional committees, and tried the scope of Online platforms in action against users, and content restriction.

“Mr. Dorsey, who the hell is she has chosen and appointed to decide what the media reports is allowed and what the American people know, do you mind?”, yelled the Republican Senator Ted Cruz, the Twitter-in-chief, shortly before the US election. After the attack by Trump supporters on the Capitol exiles Twitter with the then President-in-office – and stressed that for him there was no way back to the platform.

This conflict could recycle Twitter still have a headache, if the Republicans were to win control of the US Congress to back. Elsewhere, Twitter is under pressure: Russia has slowed recently, the service, and is threatening a Blockade.

Twitter’s Beginnings

The beginnings of the service were not so controversial. A Tweet on the 15th. In January 2009 made the world, the potential of the platform, and, in the case of any News to share. “It’s a plane in the Hudson,” tweeted the Software entrepreneur Janis Krum’s his photo of a straight line in the New York river notgewasserten passenger machine, which he had made on a ferry in the Hudson.

In the “Arab spring” protests, Egypt, Libya and Tunisia, changed – helped to Twitter the movement and became an important Instrument of the protesters.

The fast Twitter-reaction of the biscuit brand Oreo in the case of a power outage during the super bowl 2013 – “can You even in the dark dip” – showed companies how to get quickly into the conversation.

Money Twitter deserves with advertising. At the core, you have to pay to bring Tweets into the Timelines of users. After a long losing streak Twitter with the model is now firmly in the black. How many users the service has, you know, meanwhile, not exactly. Twitter announced for some time, only the number of daily users, which can be accessed via the in-house App or the Web with ads. Finally, there were 192 million.

Twitter is lagging behind

With Dorsey’s Performance as the Twitter-in-chief, many investors are not satisfied. This has to do not only with the comparatively low sales figures, can not long keep up with Facebook or Google. The share price has only developed mau.

Critics Dorsey, to be specific innovation topics only half-heartedly addressed. So he had to miss it, to run the Live-Video-streaming service Periscope to success, the Twitter in March 2015 had bought. Instead, the Chinese technology was able to occupy company byte dance this Segment with TikTok. The Periscope App is set at the end of March. After all, the Live functionality is integrated in the Twitter App itself.

Dorsey tries meanwhile, another opportunity to make Tweets money. He auctioned off a digital copy of his first Twitter message. The Tweet from 21. In March 2006, with the words “just setting up my twttr” (“I am setting up my twttr”) is the oldest message that is available on the platform. The highest bid is at $ 2.5 million (about 2.1 million euros). Dorsey wants to donate the money.


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