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Big Green Energy Solution Corporation  We’re more than an app. More than a cryptocurrency. The solution to Blockchain’s carbon impact is crypto-mining with renewable energy.

Delhi, 18th July 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, BGTRON -The apt coin for the renewables and green energy industries! Fundamental energy technology is undergoing a vortex of change as a result of the global environment, transitioning to new renewable energy sources. The group has completed the project effectively. The user may manage the blockchain using BGTRON. Allowing it to be controlled based on the openness and integrity of blockchain data. Real-time monitoring of developing renewable energy.

We’d like to let you know that our presale seed round is now Live. We are delighted to inform you that we are getting tremendous support from all of you. 

As we continue our objective to empower consumers to accomplish more with their money, the round is significant for BGTRON. We increased our cryptocurrency capabilities this year while maintaining some of the lowest rates in the industry for buying, selling, and converting cryptocurrencies – for both retail and institutional traders.

Renewable Energy is key to the growth of mining In light of the global environment, fundamental energy technology is currently in a whirlpool of change, switching to new renewable energy. The team has successfully finished the record of new renewable energy in blockchain, allowing it to be regulated based on the blockchain data’s transparency and integrity. BGTRON allows the user to control blockchain and emerging renewable energy in real-time.


The process of creating new cryptocurrencies is known as mining. Unlike traditional money, which is issued and distributed by the government, cryptocurrency has no central authority. 

‘Miners’, on the other hand, employ software to solve mathematical equations (known as hashes) that validate transactions. Each miner is rewarded with a little amount of bitcoin in return for their efforts, a service that could be regarded as competitive bookkeeping.  The mining process is computationally and energetically expensive, especially because millions of CPUs must be cooled, which consumes even more energy.  

As the value of popular virtual currencies rises, so does their ability to expand and be traded, putting increasing demand on the networks. On the plus side, this is encouraging some businesses and people to mine cryptocurrency using renewable energy sources.  While profiting from mining on your home computer is much more difficult than it used to be, renewable energy may just bring some of the lesser players back into the game.  

Given that nonrenewable energy resources are not the best option for crypto mining, renewable energy resources are the more appealing option. Renewable energy resources would, without a question, be the best choice as the major source of energy generation in crypto mining due to its environmentally benign nature and economic effectiveness.

BGTRON is developing a platform that will speed up the long-awaited green solution for blockchain technology and cryptocurrency mining, drawing investors from a variety of industries.


With POS-POA Based Mining Concepts Renewable  Energy Solutions. User Is in Control Of Their Mining Rewards 

BGTRON Not Only Monitoring / Mediate New Renewable Energy But Also Has A Staking Function. With More Data Provided By The Power Plant (Node), More Amount Of Mining Will Increase Proportionally And Can Use The Staking Function More Comfortably. BGTRON With Many Functions, The More You Stack And Hold More You Get


  • POS-POA Based Mining Concepts Renewable Energy Solutions.
  • BGTRON does not need extensive mining.
  • It conserves energy and does not use as much as Bitcoin and other high-energy-consumption cryptocurrencies The XDC currency, unlike Bitcoin, does not use the Blockchain Proof of Work mechanism but instead uses PoW to clean up the system and conserve energy..
  • Mining App With Reward Distribution. Users Staked and Get rewards as new-minted BGT Token.

Final Thoughts

With BGTRON Mining Concept Is Unique and environment Friendly.  Where PoA is an attempt to bring PoW and PoS together. There is no mining, hence there is no competition for computer equipment, and there are no high energy expenses. Validators in PoA create blocks based on their own reputation rather than the strength of the equipment or the quantity of currency. The BGTRON platform abandoned the existing blockchain proof of work (POW) method and developed its own proof of energy production “POE (Proof of Energy).” Inefficient and high-energy consensus algorithms such as Bitcoin and Ethereum stand on the opposite side of the ideology of renewable energy. Also Proof of Authority (POA) and Proof of Stake (POS) Will help all users with low-cost eco-friendly Transactions.

BGtron Presale Is Live 

Progressing sustainably for future.

BGTRON Seed Round- Presale Is live. Visit Our Websiet and be part of  sustainable future. We’re more than an app. More than a cryptocurrency. The solution to Blockchain’s carbon impact is crypto-mining with renewable energy.


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