Canada Visa For Austrian, Panama, Brunei, Bahamas, Bulgaria Citizens


Los Angeles, California, 1st March 2024, Austrians who wish to visit Canada for a short period of time for vacation, business, transit, or medical purposes must obtain a Canada eTA visa. Austrians can now apply for a Canada Travel Authorization more easily thanks to a new Canadian government initiative. Austrians planning to visit Canada must first obtain a valid visa or visa waiver. For Austrians, obtaining an eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization) to travel to Canada online is the quickest and most convenient option. The eTA visa waiver, which was implemented in 2016, allows Austrian citizens to visit Canada multiple times and stay for up to six months each. When your application is granted, your passport will be immediately linked to your Canadian Electronic Permit. The Canadian eTA is valid for five years or until the expiration of the associated passport. This means travelers don’t have to keep reapplying for their eTA, even if they plan to visit Canada multiple times. The online Canada visa waiver application for Austrian citizens is simple and can be completed in minutes.


  • A valid bio-metric passport – All travelers must have a valid Austrian passport, with at least 6 months’ validity, in order to get a Canadian eTA.

  • A valid form of payment – Finally, you will need a valid form of payment, such as a debit or credit card, to pay the eTA application fees.

  • A valid email address, to receive the Canada eTA in their inbox.


Since the passage of the Canadian eTA, Bahamas citizens must obtain a visa waiver in order to enter Canada. According to Canadian visa requirements, the Bahamas is one of several countries whose citizens do not need a visa to enter Canada. People from the Bahamas must apply for a Canada eTA visa if they want to visit Canada for a short vacation, business, transit, or medical treatment. If accepted, the Bahamas will be granted a five-year visa waiver, allowing them to enter and leave Canada for up to six months at a time. Even if the expiration date of the passport falls outside of those five years, the event will still take place on that day. If an individual wishes to stay longer than six months, they can apply for an extension of the Canada e-Visa. As a Bahamian, you qualify for a Canadian ETA, which means you can obtain your travel document online.

What documents are necessary to apply?

  • A valid bio-metric passport – All travelers must have a valid Austrian passport, with at least 6 months’ validity, in order to get a Canadian eTA.

  • A valid form of payment – Finally, you will need a valid form of payment, such as a debit or credit card, to pay the eTA application fees.

  • A valid email address, to receive the Canada eTA in their inbox.


Citizens of Brunei Darussalam must apply for a Canada eTA visa to enter Canada on short notice for general tourism, business, transit, or medical purposes. Since 2016, officials have made it easier for visitors to enter the country by launching the Canada eTA, a simple online application available to Bruneians and 59 other nationalities. Accepted visitors may enter the country up to five times in five years, for a maximum stay of six months each. Bruneians seeking to travel to Canada for work, education, permanent residency, or other reasons requiring a stay of more than six months can apply for a variety of Canadian visas. Citizens of Brunei can apply for a Canadian eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization) from home or office by accessing the online application from any electronic device connected to the internet.

What are the requirements to obtain a Canada ETA?

  • Valid passport – don’t try to apply for a Canada ETA if your passport doesn’t have a validation of 6 more months from the date of arrival in the country of Canada.

  • Email – you will receive all the information about your ETA in this email. So, ensure that you provide a valid e-mail without typing errors, and don’t forget that once you get your ETA, print it and keep it with you always.

  • Payment methods – You can use a credit/debit card or PayPal account to pay for your application online.


Bulgarian citizens who travel to Canada for a short period of time must obtain a Canadian eTA visa. Additional modes of transportation necessitate a separate travel authorization. In 2015, the Canadian government introduced an online visa waiver service for qualifying countries. Bulgarian citizens do not require a visa to enter Canada for tourism, business, or transit. It only applies to international flights arriving in Canada. Bulgarian citizens can enter Canada by obtaining a Canadian Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA). The Canadian eTA is a five-year online travel permit that allows Bulgarians to visit Canada on multiple occasions for stays of up to six months. The eTA is electronically linked to Bulgarian visitors’ passports and cannot be transferred to a new travel document. This means that if a passport with an approved eTA expires before 5 years, your travel authorization will also expire. Bulgarians who confirm that they meet the requirements can start the Canadian eTA application process online. The application form is a simple questionnaire that takes less than 30 minutes to complete.


  • Valid Passport: Your travel document must be valid for six months from your arrival on Canadian territory.

  • Email address: Please make sure you have access to the email address you provided, as all the information we have about your ETA will be communicated to you through this email.

  • Payment Methods: You can use a credit or debit cards, but you can also use PayPal account to pay for the eTA fees.


Since its inception in 2015, nationals of over 50 visa-free countries, including Panama, have been eligible to apply for the Canadian eTA. Travelers from Panama with a Canadian eTA can visit Canada for leisure, business, or family purposes. Panamanians can enter Canada without a visa thanks to a faster online application process. The Canadian eTA offers several advantages. The Canadian eTA, also known as the Canada Electronic Travel Authorization, waives visa requirements for Panama passport holders. Visitors from Panama who want to visit Canada for business or pleasure must get a valid visa waiver before entering the country for up to six months. To begin, Panamanians can stay in Canada for a maximum of six months at a time using their Canadian eTA. The Canadian eTA is valid for five years or until the traveler’s passport expires, whichever comes first. The Canada Travel Permit is a multiple-entry visa waiver and allows Panama travelers to enter and exit Canada as many times as they wish during its period of validity. Thanks to an online initiative by the Canadian government, Panama citizens no longer have to go through a lengthy application process to obtain a Canada visa waiver from Panama. Panama travelers can obtain the eTA for Canada by filling out a simple online application form. The system is easy to use and filling out the form usually takes no more than 15 minutes.


  • Valid Passport: A valid bio-metric passport. Each applicant must be in possession of a bio-metric passport with a minimum of 6 months validity from the date of entry into Canada.

  • Email Address: You must provide a valid email address as the ETA confirmation will be emailed in PDF format. Although the ETA is electronically linked to your passport and you don’t need a physical copy, most people prefer to print one out just in case.

  • Means of payment: You can use a credit or debit card to pay for your eTA fees.

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