Cybersecurity: Germany 1

Security Awareness Cybersecurity: Germany 1

In terms of Cybersecurity, Germany has the world’s nose in front. This is the result of a global study conducted by the manufacturer Nord VPN. Although the Germans know how to behave online, the practice leaves in some cases, however, unfortunately, not yet.


Nord VPN has worldwide asked about 48,000 people to your Online-behavior. Under the German respondents, the Security Awareness is at its highest.
Nord VPN has worldwide asked about 48,000 people to your Online-behavior. Under the German respondents, the Security Awareness is at its highest.

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Although Germany is no longer one of the Top 3 of the most innovative countries in terms of Cyber security, however, the nose in front. The results show the the current study of Nord VPN. Therein 48.063 people from 192 countries to protecting your privacy Online skills and knowledge questioned.

Innovation drives progress around the world. What are the most innovative countries, tries the innovation index Bloomberg map (the Icon).

What the Germans already know

Germany in international comparison.
Germany in international comparison.

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With a total of 71.2 out of 100 possible points, Germany is ranked # 1. From the basics to the Online privacy of knowledge of the German 78 scored out of 100 points. Although most people know that a strong password looks more like “kgZ{J. P0WO#r” so “QwertY1234”. Nevertheless, 6.5 per cent said that they still use weak passwords. Furthermore, 82.4% are in the picture, the same password should not be shared with other accounts. Also, you know how Malware is distributed, and what information the Internet service provider record. Also in the test question, such as in situations in behavior that are associated with digital risks, have beaten the Germans with 90.2 out of 100 points well.

In the digital habits of the Germans fell back slightly and reached only a little more than half of the points (53,2 of 100). The most difficult part is dealing with the data protection regulations: 36.4 percent accept it, without reading it. “How we conduct ourselves in spite of our knowledge, online, on our digital habits. Although the majority will know how you should behave, it does not mean that in everyday life, a high level of Online Hygiene prevails. Here is the German test participants, unfortunately, the global Trend. Things such as vigilance in the management of App notifications, security tools and information we share in the social media, are the weak points,“ says Daniel Markuson, an expert on digital privacy with Nord VPN.

Gloables Ranking the Top 10

All in All, the world has passed the Test in the field of Online privacy knowledge Nord VPN is that with a fairly good result. The total number of points in the international data protection test is to 65.2 out of 100 points. However, although people know the world, how to Online assess threats and how to respond (84,2 of 100), and theoretically, using Online security knowledge (of 72.2 out of 100), you will have bad Cyber security habits. You do not follow the rules, you know. In this area, the global score is 47.1 out of 100.

Placement Country Overall result Digital Habits Awareness of data protection Risk tolerance
1 Germany 71.2 53.2 78 90.2
2 Netherlands 69.5 51.9 75.8 88.6
3 Switzerland 68.9 51.5 75.8 86.9
4 USA 68.5 49.7 76.5 87.3
5 Belgium 68.0 50.5 74.7 86.6
6 France 67.7 48.8 75.1 87.4
7 Denmark 67.6 49.6 73.3 88.0
8 Norway 67.0 49.2 72.2 87.7
9 Spain 67.0 49.6 72.7 86.6
10 Sweden 66.2 47.5 73.5 85.8

Daniel Markuson adds that you do not need to know for true Online privacy only how to react to threats, but also how to prevent these threats from the beginning, by acting with Caution. If you delete the browser history, the for example, not to have more privacy, as half the world thinks. This only worked to a point with the correct behavior, and a comprehensive cyber-security tools, such as VPNs, and anti-virus Software.