Elon Musk is pumping BTC to $ 100 billion

Elon Musks Twitter Bio, adorned with a single word: Bitcoin. The Bitcoin-market, the entrepreneur sends in the direction of Mars. The freedom of speech to ECHO.

Small gesture, huge impact. Elon Musk, CEO of success of companies Tesla and SpaceX, has increased the market capitalization of the largest crypto-currency by hand to several billion dollars. The businessman changed his Twitter Bioso the short description of his profile, on the Morning of the 29. January in “#bitcoin”. In this way, South Africa and in the United States-acting Entrepreneur a in a number of prominent Bitcoin supporters ranks. In addition to Musk#bitcoin specied as “”, the Bio of the Twitter-founder Jack Dorsey.

The Bitcoin Chart in the course of a day.

Within a short time, the message of the Muskschen knights spread shock on the Mark, and this has shifted in the rally mode. In just one hour, the Bitcoin price of 32.000 US Dollar (USD) shot up to over 37,500 USD – an increase of 16 percent within the shortest period of time. In market capitalization, the total value of the digital gold increased spoken by almost 100 billion USD from 600 to 700 billion USD.

To put things into proportion: The price of Bitcoin is on Friday, may 29. January, within an hour, to $ 5,500 increased. So about as much as the crypto-currency was a year ago, and overall value.

Shortly after the Update, Musk had posted a Tweet that could be understood by the Bitcoin Community only as a paean to the crypto-currency.

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In retrospect, it was inevitable.

Translation of the Tweets.

Musk writes Bitcoin-history

Not only was it the largest green hours-candle in the history of the crypto-currency. That a man alone can pump the Bitcoin market capitalization in a matter of minutes to almost 100 billion USD, is, to say the least, amazing.

The reason for the violent market reaction, the legitimizing effect, emanating from the positive signals from leaders like Musk. Finally, the billionaire is considered to be one of the most influential entrepreneurs of the present. Against all odds, Musk, Tesla has built one of the largest automobile manufacturers in the world and is preparing to promote in the foreseeable future people to Mars.

So far, Elon Musk decided, with a clear commitment to digital Gold to make. We may be curious, what is the role of the entrepreneur will play in the Space in the future. It is conceivable, for example, that Tesla and SpaceX follow the example of MicroStrategy and add Bitcoin to their balance sheet.

It is now inevitable that Tesla and SpaceX, Bitcoin and add it to your balance sheet.

Translation of the Tweets.

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