Fixed Wireless Access with 5G NR

5G-no-Router Zyxel Fixed Wireless Access with 5G NR

The new Fixed-Wireless-Access-products of Zyxel points according to the manufacturer, with powerful broadband Connections at maximum speed, improved network security and flexibility of use. Possible the 5G-no technology to do this.


ZyXEL's 5G-no-solutions offer a radio interface in mobile networks of the fifth Generation.
ZyXEL’s 5G-no-solutions offer a radio interface in mobile networks of the fifth Generation.

(Image: Zyxel)

Under 5G New Radio (5G NR) is the radio interface of the mobile communication technology of the fifth Generation. The benefits are high data rates up into the double digit Gigabit range, as well as the best possible spectral efficiency of the used radio frequencies. Port densities of up to one Million mobile devices per square kilometers, as well as extremely short latencies of only one millisecond and to allow including, technologies such as Massive MIMO, Beamforming, OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiplexing), flexible carrier spacing and bandwidths as well as Small Cells used.

The Zyxel Portfolio for indoor and Outdoor areas, as well as for mobile use – 5G NR Outdoor Router (NR7101), 5G NR Indoor Router (NR5101) and 5G NR Portable Router (NR2101) – could provide location-independent connectivity. The models will be Wi-Fi-6-capable, and with a mobile App equipped, which makes it possible for users to install devices and to your network connect. The App reduces installation time and the need for costly professional installations. In addition, they could be used to create WAN backup and the CPE reinforce placement.


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