For Cloud-Native technology and culture belong together

Channel focus: system house of the future For Cloud-Native technology and culture belong together

Under the umbrella of the Association of Euro cloud has formed at the end of September, the Initiative cloud Native (ECN). The Director Nils Kaufmann, managing Director, remarked On, and explained the purpose and the objectives of the new group.


ECN Director Nils Kaufmann would like to reach that Cloud Natives are perceived as experts for digital business models.
ECN Director Nils Kaufmann would like to reach that Cloud Natives are perceived as experts for digital business models.

(Image: Euro Cloud)

In Germany, there is for everything and nothing a bandage. Why do we need a Cloud-Native Initiative?

Kaufmann: With the rapid development of the Hyper-scaler within the recent years, IT service provider of a completely new type formed, in the Cloud Virgin. It is usually very young companies that focus their business model on the Hyper scalers and their Services and their value creation is based almost 100 percent on the Cloud. We have the Initiative within the Euro cloud started to take this fact into account and to increase the public’s perception of the relevance of this Player.

What is the substantive core of the phrase “Cloud-native is beyond the Buzzword bingo”?

Merchant: On a technical level, Cloud-native applications to define clearly due to their modular architecture and the almost complete decoupling from the underlying infrastructure and platform. On the Meta level, we talk about a new approach to solution design, project management and horizontal cross-collaboration, the traditional IT concepts are diametrically opposite.

So, it is also about technologies such as concepts. The extent to which cultural aspects play a role?

Merchant: Actually, you can separate all the aspects of the other, since they are mutually dependent. There are numerous examples of the fact that it is not sufficient definitely to not use the coolest and latest Tools, if the surrounding organization’s structure and culture to fit in. In short, it is a holistic approach in a completely changed market environment, and in hardly any to anticipate challenges.

Who are the addressees of the ECN Initiative in the market, and what you want to make a difference for you?

Kaufmann: for Me personally it is a concern to offer with our Initiative to the strong German Mittelstand a professional point of contact for questions on the digitisation and the successful use of platforms and Services, the Hyper scaler. At the same time is important to us to give the many young companies, the appropriate attention in the Public and in the media. So we want to make for that exciting of topics, the relevance of the perception, which is due to him, in my opinion.

Why is it for a member company, an upper limit of 100 employees? ECN would not, even for larger players an interesting platform?

Merchant: The rumored upper limit is not a rigid Limit. We want to make it especially clear who our target group, namely small and medium-sized Player in the Public Cloud Segment. According to our Definition of Cloud-Native service providers, whose business is based almost entirely on Cloud Services – there are currently simply hardly any German companies that employ more than 100 employees. This will change in the future, hopefully, and it is precisely this development we want to support.

What you want to have with their Engagement in three years?

Merchant: Ideally, we will have established the type of Cloud Natives in the public perception as experts in digital business models and Trusted Advisor for the future-oriented middle class. Public Cloud does not mean definitely simply just more resources to supposedly lower prices. We are talking here of a fundamental Digital Minor Change that can not be done from today to tomorrow. If we are able to provide through transparency, education and knowledge transfer as a contribution to the further positive development, then it was worth the effort certainly.

Nils Kaufmann came only relatively late in the IT, turned on, then this is the right way.

Nils Kaufmann, co-founder of innovation On by cloud buddies, is the leader of the Initiative, EuroCloud Native (ECN).