In brief, the presentation of the new Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 is. The anticipation incite further, a Xiaomi-Manager, now a bombshell: The Smartphone series to Feature the Fans already for a long time to wait. For popular phone number, it would be the first Time.


Xiaomi has a lot of box-office hit in the Portfolio. The Chinese manufacturer has specialized in equipment that is an excellent price-performance ratio. No Smartphone Xiaomi sold in the past year, but more than the Redmi Note 9 Pro: 15 million times the phone was on the counter, and secured place 9 of the best-selling Smartphones. With the Redmi-Note-10-Series the successor are now in the house – and especially the screen, again, a neat little bit harder.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Smartphone series for the first time, OLED Displays

According to Xiaomi-Manager Manu Kumar Jain, the Smartphone should-series for the first time on Super AMOLED Displays have. Thus, as Xiaomi in a private custom Video (see Tweet below), fill it Fans a long-awaited desire.

The predecessors all had to leave on an OLED Display, which makes, in particular, in terms of media consumption noticeable. OLED screens, for example, offer higher contrast and a “true” Black. Also the battery consumption of OLED Displays, beat their LCD counterparts. It is unclear, however, whether all of the Smartphones of the Redmi-Note-10-series are equipped with a OLED Display or the Feature the more expensive Pro models reserved.

Its predecessor was able to inspire:

Prices of less than 300 Euro

4. March is Xiaomi introduce the Redmi-Note-10-series, officially. A total of three mobile phones of the series is expected to: The standard model, a Pro-Edition and a larger Version of the Pro Edition, called Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro Max. On the other equipment little hand strength is currently known, however, is to be used in some variants of the Snapdragon 732G and a 48 MP camera. In the standard variant is expected price of under € 300.