The Samsung Galaxy A22 is one of the most popular Android smartphones on the market. You can get a mobile phone for relatively little money, which can basically do everything. Currently, the Samsung phone with the high runtime is available at a particularly low price.

Samsung Galaxy A22 price drop

When the Samsung Galaxy A22 5G was launched in June 2021, it cost 229 euros. After a year, the price has almost halved. The extremely popular smartphone, which has already been sold at Aldi for 159 euros, is currently available at an incredibly low price Price of 115 euros at MediaMarkt and Saturn (see MediaMarkt). If you couldn’t strike back then, you can make up for it now and save a lot of money.

What’s on offer at MediaMarkt

The price of MediaMarkt and Saturn for the Samsung Galaxy A22 5G is unusually cheap, because other retailers continue to charge 150 euros for the smartphone. There are also no shipping costs. For the price you can access without hesitation. That The power supply is even included with the mobile phone. So you basically don’t have to buy anything anymore. But we would still recommend you a case (look at Amazon).

If you want a little more equipment, you should take a look at these Samsung phones:

What makes the Samsung Galaxy A22 5G so interesting?

With the Samsung Galaxy A22 5G you get a great entry-level smartphone that basically fulfills all your wishes. It has a good display, runs relatively smoothly, offers a very long battery life thanks to the 5,000mAh battery and is already equipped for the 5G network. In addition, you can expand the memory and insert two SIM cards at the same time. This is no longer found in almost any smartphone.

You have to make small cuts in the performance and camera of the Samsung Galaxy A22 5G. Of course, you also get an entry-level smartphone here. But overall, the buyers are very satisfied and Samsung will also distribute software updates for the phone for many years. So you are on the safe side here.