How hackers tick

Cyber-crime activities How hackers tick

It is a day of spectacular hacker attacks worldwide headlines in the news almost daily. However, according to which concepts are hackers, do at your work? And what are the Thinking and work practices behind it?


In the original meaning of the concept of a hacker not was repute to be negative, but only for a technically-savvy and clever people dealing with computer systems and programming-intensive.
In the original meaning of the concept of a hacker not was repute to be negative, but only for a technically-savvy and clever people dealing with computer systems and programming-intensive.

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In the media, hackers are presented as young Nerds with a black hooded Sweater in dark rooms hausen, the nights in front of their computers hitting the ears, illegally, into foreign computer networks to penetrate and that is where their jokes and bustle. Certainly, a rather dubious “romance” of days gone by. To the extent that the Computer emerged as the long been one of the most powerful industries, mutant also the Hacker of the pranks game adolescent to a dangerous army of Criminals.

Concept: Corporate Espionage

For many hackers a day in the office is to steal the intellectual property of companies, to resell it. That could be a secret, patents, future business plans, financial data, contracts, health data, or even the notes of legal disputes. Everything that gives competitors a certain advantage over a hacked organization, is literally “fair game”. From time to time, the company is exposed to espionage, if the competitor, which offered the illegal information, the affected companies or the authorities reports.

Concept: In the service of the States

Today, many of the most highly developed Nations have a variety of skilled hackers on the payroll. Their activities are to sneak behind enemy lines in the military or industrial networks of other Nations, in order to capture assets and to install malicious back door.

In this way, the Cyberwarfare machine is ready, if the differences between the respective States to be hostile. Known North Korea’s Hack of 2014 on the Website of Sony Pictures in retaliation for a Film that the propaganda machine of the country found offensive was this.

Concept: Hacking-as-a-Service

In this more recent phenomenon, hackers offer for a fee, complex, targeted and effective attacks on critical IT infrastructures as Advanced-Persistent-Threat (APT) services. Your customers may be, among other things, companies that are interested in economic espionage, nation-States, or other criminal groups that want to sell the stolen goods, the Hacker continues.

Concept: resources, capers

The use of the computing power of other Users is an old Hacker Trick. In the early days, hackers took advantage of the hard disks of other Users to send large files such as Videos, etc., there is illegal to save it. The main reason for this is that hackers steal nowadays, computer resources, refers to the “Mining” of crypto-currencies in a big way. Hackers, which are called “Cryptojacker” known to spread Malware by infecting Websites. Thus, the Victims of stolen resources, such as electricity or computing power of computers.

Concept: Hacktivists

So-called hacktivists (portmanteau of Hack and activism) is a set of Hacking, a political statement or to support other social changes. This is usually done by compromising stolen information of the victims of corporate and operational issues for the company caused the victim companies, costs of money or other disadvantages may arise.

Concept: Botnets, Hackers

Many Malware hackers to create Bots that spread widely to infect as many computers as possible. The goal is vast Botnet armies to establish, which perform the will of the hacker. As soon as the Computer of a User is literally your “slave”, it waits for instructions from his “Lord.”

Such instructions usually come from Command-and-Control (C&C) servers. Botnets are used directly by the Creator, or more often at those rents to pay for it. Today Mirai-Bots attack Router, cameras and many other IoT devices. The Mirai-Bot searches for unpatched devices or devices whose default credentials were not changed. So IoT devices for the Mirai-Bots are often an easy target.

Concept: Advertising Software-Spamming

Relatively luck the User has, if he’s been compromised by a Spam-Malware program or your Browser is hijacked by an adware program that wants to sell the User something. Adware works by redirecting the Browser to a Website not want to visit the User. Spam and Adware are, of course, is not a big threat, but they can mean a warning sign for a serious system leak in an IT-network.

Concept: fun and thrill

Most of the hackers keep track of financial intentions, working for a boss, with a clear criminal motives or are trying to achieve a political or social goal. But there is still a rather small group of hackers who operate purely out of “sporting” subjects. That is, you want to or a specific Online-demonstrate your Community, what extraordinary deeds you are capable. This group is now significantly smaller than it used to, because Hacking – whatever the motive – breaks laws, and a criminal prosecution is the logical consequence.

Concept: Hacking from random

A small group describes hackers who are basically Criminals. Surely you must have some technical skills and knowledge, but you intend to never with intent to hack into a Computer or a network. Purely by chance, you discover one day, for example, a site with a blatant coding error. Fascinated by the mystery of you, start to play with the Hack. To make your own Surprise, that all was actually so simple…