Huawei before? This decision would destroy everything

This could be the one for Huawei have been. The only Chance to tear rudder, once again, around and to conquer the Smartphone market again, seems to be fizzles. All on downfall, if not still a miracle.


Huawei must continue to live with US a spell

The hope is that the new US President, Joe Biden, the US ban on Huawei is reversing, the Donald Trump has imposed, may have completely dispersed. According to Bloomberg the new US government sees no reason why Huawei is currently the list of banned companies to remove. This is not to say that Huawei will not be freed at some point but still says but this is exactly what we have expected. There are no complete pivot in the strategy, so that Huawei continues to be extremely difficult to exist on the market.

For Huawei everything remains the same. The Chinese group has to continue to work on the own Android Alternative, and hope that the App Store can attract a lot of developers for the. Cooperation with U.S. companies in terms of Software, but also Hardware for the production of Smartphones, however, remains prohibited. The exception permits that have been issued, has kept the old US government recently, so the new government will have to determine new. If the Anti-China remains on course so, then this is not for Huawei of good. Only the Chinese market remains basically, where Huawei is still in the lead. In Europe, it will come without Google’s little progress.

Huawei has copied from Google Maps:

Other Chinese manufacturers apply

While Huawei is in Europe, so in front of the other Chinese manufacturers such as Xiaomi, Poco, Oppo, Realme and Vivo in the market. All companies want to now take advantage of the Chance to fill the large gap, the Huawei in Europe leaves. Xiaomi has currently the best cards, as the company is no longer active and has made a name for. However, the other manufacturers are not unknown and want to increase their presence significantly. We are excited to see what awaits us in 2021 so everything.