Hyland expanding portfolio of cloud-native open-Content-Services

Acquisition of Nuxeo Hyland expanding portfolio of cloud-native open-Content-Services

Hyland has completed the Acquisition of Nuxeo, a provider of Content Services platforms and Digital Asset Management (DAM), and thus assumes the entire Nuxeo-business, including the products and technologies.

The Content Services platform, Alfresco Content Services 7.0 is available.
The Content Services platform, Alfresco Content Services 7.0 is available.

(Image: public domain© PIRO4D / Pixabay )

After the Acquisition of Alfresco at the end of last year pranks Hyland with this next Takeover of its commitment to Cloud-native platforms and Open Source, and expand its global presence, according to the company.

Bill Priemer, President and CEO of Hyland, celebrate the Acquisition, the offer of the Position of Hyland as the market leader for cloud-based Content Services platforms, strength, and companies and organizations enormous potential: “With the Acquisition of the Cloud-native Open-Source and Low-Code platform, Nuxeo is Hyland is now the largest Open-Source provider of Content Services on the market.”

The Enterprise Digital Asset Management (DAM) of Nuxeo Supplement and expand the Hyland-Portfolio of Content Services to new, powerful features. Nuxeo Insight, an AI and Machine-Learning-Service, to allow Hyland customers, even very large Content libraries automatically with business-specific metadata to enrich, Workflows, trigger and gain valuable insights into your information.

Alfresco Content Services 7.0 released

On the product side, there are also New from Hyland. From now on, the Content Services platform, Alfresco Content Services 7.0 in the Alfresco Cloud (PaaS) or by company self-hosted Cloud or On-Premises deployments available. It allows the Management of large volumes of data and content. The latest enhancements include improved scalability, enhanced Compliance, improved search performance and easier Upgrade paths.

Among the most important extensions:

  • A modular approach provides a scalable Content Services platform.
  • Improved developer experience with the new Alfresco Events of the SDK for a shorter Time-to-Value.
  • Automatic detection and identification of personal information in documents for better data protection.
  • A highly scalable direct search in large Repositories.
  • Deployment scripts as Open Source for the Alfresco developer community available.
  • Create business applications in a Low-Code-model environment.
  • New search capabilities for customers who want to Elasticsearch test before the launch later this year for Alfresco Content Services as an alternative search engine to Solr.
  • Support for Records Management, and Information Lifecycle Management.

Among the other Updates to the Hyland-platform Perceptive Content Foundation Enhancement Pack (EP) 3, Content Composer Foundation, EP3, Brainware Foundation EP2, Brainware for Invoices, as well as the new Priority Work Management. “The frequent Updates of Hyland deliver continuous improvements and new features, thus, our customers have over-the-art solutions and the necessary agility to respond to constantly changing business challenges,” says Heinz Wietfeld, Regional Manager at Hyland.

“The new extensions to support the transformation initiatives of our customers by providing intuitive, streamlined user and developer experiences, intelligent automation functions, expand, and safety and Compliance, due to the better control over the access to information and exchange of increase.”