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Coin of the month: the Flow of the new NFT king?

With Dapper Labs, of all things, the inventor of the NFT have changed the Blockchain. Can FLOW Ethereum make a serious competition?

The hoarding has reached the Blockchain Space: Digital collectibles – from the artwork to the tokenized Tweet achieving record prices, trading places for the Non-fungible Token (NFT) are growing rapidly and the major daily Newspapers have now noticed that there’s something in the Bush. Another effect of the hype: The rates of crypto-Token with NFT focus have performed since the beginning of the year, well above average.

That most of the build it was Rarible (RAR), Enjin (ENJ), Chiliz (CHZ) or WAX (WAXP) on Ethereum, is likely to be surprised in the least. Finally, Ethereum is not only a breeding ground for the overwhelming majority of decentralized applications (dApps), but also as the home of crypto kitties, the first NFT, which had already the end of 2017 a resounding success. The kitten collection dApp was the first application of the Ethereum token standards ERC-721, the most commonly used token standards for NFT.

Alone, it is the most visited place of transshipment for digital collectibles is located off of Ethereum: the Flow Blockchain. It is neither ironic nor a good justification, that, of all things, the Creator of crypto kitties and ERC-721 began to push Ethereum as a Smart Contract-a king from the throne.

How do I buy Bitcoin? Counselors and providers compared 2021

We explain quickly and easily how you Bitcoin safe and cheap, buy and what you pay attention you should!

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For this reason, Christopher clover is dedicated to the “Coin of the month: April” Flow.

Tax-special: income from Mining and DeFi properly taxed

Tax issues are a sensitive issue. It is a novel assets, such as crypto-currencies, it is twice as hairy. To enter in one of the many blunders, we have asked for support and answered. The tax experts of the Austro-German Start-ups know. In the tax-special-is all tax-free Trading, DeFi, Staking, and Mining is spinning.

The taxation of Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), Binance Coin (BNB), Polkadot (DOT) and other crypto is not explicitly regulated currencies, as in Germany, by law, the General tax rules will apply instead. These do not, however, because of the novelty of these assets always have a clear answer.

David Scheider has taken up the cause, and reported to, how to keep the clutter to the Overview. More:

Company of the month: Warner Music Group is the clock

The Golden Era of music, in the One-Hit-Wonder had with a gold record for life, is long gone. Although the piracy à la Napster, Kazaa and LimeWire is overcome as far as possible, the Streaming platforms, however, is more of a consolation than a permanent solution for the Problem in the industry. What could be the Blockchain, or more precisely: Non-fungible Token (NFT).

Because allowing musicians and Labels alike, to create an additional source of income. A global Player, jumped early on the NFT hype train, Warner Music. The American billion company, the clock for the battered industry?

This question Paol is dedicated Hergert in the “company of the month: April”.

Bitcoin, Blockchain, the Bundestag, The German policy in the Interview

We are currently living in the age of crypto-Renaissance. Especially Bitcoin, as the flagship of the crypto-currencies, basks in the attention given to him by his regular highs. This circumstance of the digital store of Value, especially for the entry of institutional investors such as MicroStrategy, Square, and Tesla owes.

Also, the crypto industry will continue to prosper. In December of last year, the EU monitoring centre for Blockchain published its first report, in which they introduced a fast-paced growth of the industry. In Europe Berlin is in addition to the Swiss crypto Valley as a real crypto and FinTech-high castle. Without a doubt, the technology has the potential to be a new digital age to usher in. However, the legal framework must be created. Time, therefore, the parties in the Bundestag to ask what positions they occupy in relation to crypto-currencies and Blockchain technologies. In an Interview with Crypto compass experts of the Bundestag give fractions of the CDU (Matthias Hauer), SPD (Jens Zimmermann), FDP (Frank Schäffler), the Green (Danyal Bayaz) and the Left (Fabio de Masi) shows the positions of their parties, the Bitcoin Maximalists quite disappointed should.

Daniel Hoppmann reported.

Successfully in Non-fungible Token (NFT) invest

While there are still many people find it hard to understand Bitcoin, get off at the so-called Non-fungible tokens, short NFT, many crypto-enthusiasts. So could start in our large-scale BTC-ECHO-study with over 3,000 presumably crypto-savvy participants, 25 percent nothing to do with the term and a further 67 percent reported having no NFT purchased. On the other hand, no other crypto sector is currently growing as strong as the NFT sector. Even the hitherto heavily hyped DeFi sector must lose attention in favor of the NFT. Within a few weeks, the interest and the demand for NFT exploded, literally, the Google searches show (see Chart). In order to bring clarity about the current NFT Hype, we will devote ourselves to in this title story, among other things, the following three key questions:

  • What are NFT and what potential do you have?
  • It is already a bubble?
  • How to invest in NFT?

These questions and more, our editor-in-chief Sven takes wagenknecht in the cover story of the current crypto compass.


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