Huawei is in a bad way, very bad. The Smartphone paragraph breaks literally. Not to despair, but instead, the phone manufacturers to new sources of money – and was not disappointed. What at first sounds like a joke, at closer Inspection, a lot of sense.


There were dark Figures that had to announce the Huawei last week: The Chinese group expects to 2021, with 70 to 80 million sold Smartphones. For comparison: In the past few years, the Chinese were able to bring about 190 million Smartphones among the people. The dramatic slump must be compensated for elsewhere, which is why Huawei penetrates in far more exotic fields of business.

Huawei technology helps pig farmers in rearing

According to BBC Huawei is now under the pig farmer – at least indirectly. The Electronics Giant its AI technology in the domestic pig fatteningto engage farmers in the rearing of farm animals under the arms. Huawei’s technology to be able to monitor the weight, the food and the movement of the pigs. By means of Face detection the animals should also individually identifiable means it.

The people’s Republic of the home largest pork industry in the world. More than 50 percent of all pigs for fattening in the world to be processed in China. A lucrative field of business so that it has selected Huawei. In addition to the pig fattening Huawei uses removal of its technology in the Coal.

Huawei phones with access to the Google Play Store:

Huawei thinks of farewell

Despite the hurdles, with which Huawei has been struggling due to the US sanctions, the manufacturer does not think but to exit from the Smartphone market. The company’s founder, Ren made Zhengfei recently once again clear. However, Huawei’s founder speaks now to some countries or categories of product left.