iPhone 12 fails the most important Feature

Embarrassing, really embarrassing for Apple. This slap in the face sitting, because, as a new study now proves fails, the iPhone 12 is, of all things, the most important Feature of the gathered the Android competition. The reasons for this remain in the dark.

iPhone 2020

With iPhone 12 (mini) and iPhone 12 Pro (Max) includes Apple on the paper to the Android competition, and is the first 5G-speed. At the presentation last year, this fact was acknowledged by the US-the manufacturer, and licentious advertised. 5G is, without doubt, the well-being the most important Feature for Apple’s current Smartphone Generation. Stupid only if the function is not convinced, even against the competition.

Apple and 5G iPhone 12 is suspended far

This is the result of the Experts from the open signalsince the examined time and again, the recoverable 4G and 5G speeds in the U.S. cellular networks. Fastest 5G phone, therefore, is the new Samsung Galaxy S21 with an average of 56 Mbps. And how much this creates iPhone 12 for comparison? Ridiculous Of 36.9 Mbps. Even more embarrassing is the fact, however, is that between the two phones is still 24 more Android Smartphones all better than Apple’s newest mobile phone. What a Slap in the face and also a little surprising.

The fastest 5G Smartphone is not far from Apple:

In the 4G network, Apple had Performance issues, but since the Declaration was on Hand. The Intel Modems were compared with the Qualcomm models at the competitive just not good enough. The iPhone 12 (starts at 825 Euro at Amazon) installed Apple now, but also 5G Modems from Qualcomm. Ergo: compared To the predecessors in the 4G network, the iPhone 12, which makes a significant step forward in the direct 5G comparison yet of the Android competition is suspended. Why is this so?

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Sven Kaulfuss29.08.2020

Why fails Apple?

The actual verifiable reasons, to remain in the dark, but Ian Fogg from the open signal has a guess. It could run out of it, that Samsung and other Android manufacturers Apple are ahead of you because the Antenna design simple is better. Not only the Modem alone affects the Transmit and receive performance. Apple needs to catch up even more, after all, Samsung is already the third Generation of 5G phones, in the case of Apple, there’s currently only the first Generation. In short: The competition simply has a larger Experience advantage.