Anyone who buys a new smartphone could be surprised badly. Many manufacturers no longer include a power supply in their mobile phones. With luck you will get another cable. At Lidl there is currently a remedy, because there is a pretty good charger sold for little money.

Lidl sells 24-watt power supply for 6 euros

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Apple has started with this, meanwhile many smartphone manufacturers dispense with the power supply in the scope of delivery. Samsung is also in the middle class as with the new Galaxy A53 or Galaxy A33. At the latest when a new smartphone is in the house, you should therefore deal with the purchase of a power supply. Lidl is currently coming around the corner with a great offer. From May 19, 2022, the discounter will sell the 24-Watt power supply from Tronic with two USB ports for only 5.99 euros (look at Lidl).

You have the Choose between black and white. In theory, you can already order online now and don’t have to run to the store, but then shipping costs will apply. If you want to order something from Lidl anyway and can save the shipping costs with a higher order value through our tip, of course the order in the online shop is worthwhile.

For comparison: A 24-watt power supply from Anker with two USB ports costs almost 15 euros (look at Amazon). So even if you would pay the shipping costs at Lidl, you would have a cheaper price for the same service.

What you should know about Lidl:

What is the Tronic power supply from Lidl good for?

For the price of 6 euros you get a really solid power supply with a power of 24 watts. This should be enough for most smartphones to be able to charge them quickly. As I said, two devices can be connected at the same time. There are USB-A ports on the power supply, so there should be hardly any problems with compatibility. Newer smartphones come with USB-C to-C cables. You may have to have a different cable. At the low price, however, a really good deal.