If you want to buy a new Samsung phone, can strike at Lidl. The Discounter sold a cheap model with handy accessories at a very attractive price. GIGA has the Details for you.

Samsung Galaxy A20e with accessories for 149 Euro

In the case of Lidl, there is officially starting on Thursday, a Samsung-Bundle with mobile phone and accessories for 149 euros in the offer. The package can. now in the online shop or from the 4 February 2021 in the stores to be bought. Who will immediately want to strike, you must still pay a delivery fee of 4.95 Euro. You get a nice package that consists of the following components:

  • Samsung Galaxy A20e
  • Original Samsung Case
  • Original Samsung Protective Film
  • Norton Antivirus (5 Devices, 1 Year Term)
  • Lidl Connect starter package with 10 euros credit

In a single purchase, the Samsung phone will only 138,99 Euro at Amazon. For 10 euros more you get at Lidl, but directly a suitable cover, the protector and a SIM card with 10 Euro credit on the Vodafone network. Norton Antivirus costs also, of course, something makes on an Android phone, but not a great sense. Of course its still nice that it is not included in the bill, but really. In the end, so you can save the 20 Euro – what’s in the price range of the phones pretty much. You get directly the whole package, and get nothing more in addition.

What you should know about Lidl:

For whom the purchase of the Samsung phones at Lidl is worth it?

The Samsung Galaxy A20e is an entry-level Smartphone, which no longer corresponds to the latest Generation. The successor to Galaxy A21s costs 139 Euro at Saturn in about as much, but offers better equipment. You get no accessories and then buy a Prepaid card. Who wouldn’t want that, as a Smartphone for beginners to offer at Lidl. Those who prefer to have a newer model, buying the Galaxy A21s at Saturn, and the accessories individually. Only a little more effort with minimal increase in cost.