Malware disguises itself as a System update

Normally, you will be pleased, if your Smartphone is Android gets Update. As a result, the mobile phone is expanded with new functions and security gaps are closed. Who has the bad luck, the Update is spoiled-joy but neat, as currently shows.

Android App disguises itself as a System Update

If you use an Android phone or Tablet, you should refer to Apps and games only from the Google Play Store. The contents will be checked and should be free from harmful software. You can install APK files manually, a but a great danger. Currently, an Android App is making the rounds, which at first appears to be quite harmless. Time masquerades the application, but as a System Update, and telling the user that a new Version of the operating system is looking for. You will fall for it, get the App all the important rights of access to a phone or Tablet, and can cause of damage. The safety experts have Zimperium found out.


The insidious thing about the new mesh is that the Malicious software, the Google Logo takes a real System Update seen to be. So the user in safety-and-click imagine yourself on the notification. If you click on the entry to a supposed Update for its Android-install device, snaps the trap.

Android 11 is to better protect users:

What can cause the malicious software?

Once installed, the Malware of any personal data access, record calls, intercept messages, and basically everything with your mobile phone. This is also true for everything, what are you doing with the phone else. Whether shooting photos, and send or surf the net. The attacker can get full access on your mobile phone or Tablet.

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How can you protect yourself?

There is a small flaw in the malware. The App only shows that a “System Update” is searched for, not found is an Update, as is usually the case. Click to notifications, if an ad appears. In addition, the distributed Malicious software previously available only on Apps that were installed manually. If your installed so no APKs, you are safe. Your phone is infected, the usually higher battery consumption and the volume of data is increasing rapidly. Other users can be infected by an infected phone.