New Work: even Teams managed in the company

Open Salary negotiations, and organizational roles New Work: even Teams managed in the company

Agility and self-organization are the hallmarks of the “New Way of Working”. What is the life of a Project since years as a proven remedy in use, unfolds in the company becoming a preferred method of working, but it also brings challenges.


A self-managed Team defines roles for all of the responsibilities, such as project-, resource-, staff-, holiday - and overtime planning. The decisions of each member of the team with role function in the rule itself.
A self-managed Team defines roles for all of the responsibilities, such as project-, resource-, staff-, holiday – and overtime planning. The decisions of each member of the team with role function in the rule itself.

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In order to be successful in the long term, companies have to adjust constantly. In the best case, you will be proactive and foresighted. This requires moving organizations and agile ways of working, and a visionary view on whether the path goes in the desired direction. Agility is a management discipline that enables people in companies to meet together, independently and timely decisions and to recognize the need for a strategic change of direction. In the last two decades, several agile methods emerged to solve the challenges by self-organisation in companies.

Decision-making in the Team

A first step towards a self-managed Team Define roles for all of the responsibilities, such as project and resource planning (Which team member is working in what project?), Personnel planning (interviews, hiring and induction), and the vacation and overtime planning. Roles define responsibilities, but not necessarily the activities that are associated with it. The roles change cyclically. By doing this, the decisions get more efficient and faster.

The decisions that the team member with role function in the rule itself. In the case of unclear decision-making processes the role holder may apply to the corresponding knowledge bearers. The decision situation is to consultation of a knowledge carrier is unclear, the role holder will be a Team to decide together.

For all the best solution

Different is the approach to important organizational decisions. This hits the Team as Konsent-decision: Following a strictly moderated principle, the team members bring objections must at the same time, but also provide Alternatives. This promotes the constructive cooperation and new solution approaches. It is the policy of the Konsent-method “Good enough for now and safe enough to try” applies. If possible, should be carved not a decision set in stone, but subject to revision if new information or developments.

In a decision, the Team works until all the results are accepted. In order for the Team best score possible, and the content of appropriate solutions, instead of heteronomous decisions by managers from the top “and put” and in the daily work, often with little acceptance. The resistance is usually lower because a higher esteem and more confidence among the team-mates are.

Full transparency in salaries

In the self-organized Team, there is no employee or appraisal interviews with superiors in the classical sense. With transparency, open Feedback rounds go hand in hand: on the Basis of a jointly developed catalogue of every employee to deal mentally with the respective colleagues and carries his thoughts in a Team Meeting in the presence of all. The feedback to the Team to bring the Individual far more value than a single conversation with the supervisor. They are technically sound and from the point of view of several put forward.

After the Feedback round, and with a bit of a time interval which is also open Content has to be done. Throughout the restructuring process, this was the biggest hurdle. Thereof the employee to discuss the experience, according to the most intensive. Also the management has at this point usually the biggest concerns, because they feared inconsistencies due to discrepancies in the salary structure and the step of disclosure is not reversible. However, for full self-government set up, is the transparency of the salaries of the logical consequence and inevitable. In the open content rounds, each Individual shall designate his / her current salary and desired salary increase. This will be discussed in the Team. The total increase is then communicated to the management of the company, which has also drafted a Budget. The sums are clear, negotiate two team members with the management of the overall increase. The team of developers, to create a fair salary structure. It is no longer on the negotiating skills of the individual employee.

Appreciation in the living System

The self-organization of the development team is independent of the project. Rather, it is about to operate parallel running projects as efficiently as possible. Through self-management, the Team achieved a high degree of flexibility. At the same time, the transparent approach creates a much higher level of acceptance, if, for example, an employee in the short term, in another project to help out. It is shown that such a project-Hopping in this area for employees, often for dissatisfaction, when you know – without the entrepreneurial backgrounds – from a leader, “” have been added. Goal of self-management is to achieve maximum transparency as large as possible in design and decision – making freedom for each member of the team. Companies with self-managed Teams in pursuit of a living System in which each Individual is his Knowledge, and Can bring in. This increases the appreciation of each other and all benefit from it – professionally and socially.

Target is a leader for all

The advantages of this “New Way of Working”, are clear: Through transparency and freedom of choice the work of sense making. The more freedom employees have, the more enjoyment and Motivation they feel in their work. The Team Cohesion is great, and the atmosphere of trust. All this promotes loyalty and identification with the company. Thus, the fluctuation decreases, the company can sustainably grow. In addition, decisions are made with maximum information density, because everybody made a contribution. A glance at the company shows that senior staff with complex, technical issues are often overwhelmed. Decisions have to pass through several levels of the hierarchy, which is why the executives less facts and knowledge is available. Accordingly, sub-optimal, the result is often.

Giuliano Oswald
Giuliano Oswald is the project Manager for the conceptual and Software Design, and for the staff planning in Augsburg’s SWAN-developer team in charge.