Next Top cell phone with a unique feature leaked in Video

Xiaomi has unveiled the Mi 11 an interesting Android Smartphone, the real kicker but still. Not only a Mi 11 Pro, but also a Mi 11 Ultra-are planned. The Chinese company copied the strategy of Samsung, but goes a step further.


Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra has a second Display on the back

Samsung has unveiled the Galaxy S21, S21 Plus and S21 Ultra. Xiaomi has already shown the Mi 11 and could follow with the Mi 11 Pro and Mi 11 Ultra. To the Latter, appeared surprisingly, there is a Video, which was removed after the broadcast immediately. What ends up even on the Internet, but not so easy to remove. Accordingly, there are Reuploads, so that you can look at the secret Smartphone from Xiaomi in peace. The original source is TECH BUFF from the Philippines. As the small YouTube Channel came on, this Smartphone is available in Black and White, we don’t know. He betrays but important Details before the official presentation.


The Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra, the Chinese group installed everything must have a modern Smartphone. This is a high-resolution 6.8-inch OLED Display with 120 Hz, the Snapdragon 888, a 5,000 mAh battery can be charged with a 67 Watt with or without cable counts. The Highlight is the 50-MP camera on the back, which is supported by a 48-megapixel super-wide-angle -, and 48-megapixel Periscope Zoom with 120-fold magnification is. In addition to the camera, a small Display that you can use as a viewfinder for Selfies sits. As the operating system 11 with MIUI 12.5 probably already Android, which is expected in a few weeks. For price and availability, there are absolutely no Details. It was not until a few hours ago, still not aware that there is a Smartphone of Xiaomi at all.

The last Xiaomi presentation in few seconds summarized:

Xiaomi wants to cover every possible price range

Those who thought that the Mi 10 Pro with 999 Euro in the last year was to tax, which is expected to be surprised. The Mi 11 Ultra is likely to be in similar price regions, such as the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra settled. We are talking about here is probably to 1,300 euros. It will be exciting to see whether Xiaomi can prevail.