Qualcomm buys Nuvia for $ 1.4 billion

Challenge to Intel, AMD and Apple Qualcomm buys Nuvia for $ 1.4 billion

In the already adopted: Not even two years after the establishment of the Start-Up, Nuvia goes to Qualcomm. The Chip giant is paying $ 1.4 billion for the promising processor specialists – and could penetrate in, so far from Intel, AMD, and Apple-studded Terrain.


Afterburner: Snapdragon 888 Qualcomm is currently the most powerful SoC for use in 5G mobile devices. The next Snapgradon-SoCs should be thanks to Nuvia technology significantly faster.
Afterburner: Snapdragon 888 Qualcomm is currently the most powerful SoC for use in 5G mobile devices. The next Snapgradon-SoCs should be thanks to Nuvia technology significantly faster.

(Image: Qualcomm)

Qualcomm has announced to take over the 2019 Start-Up, Nuvia for approximately 1.4 billion dollars. According to information from Nuvia developed a particularly energy-efficient CPU cores, which even Apple’s latest, amazing power-saving in-house developments should exceed. The number of risk capital-money donors put on – which are now likely to produce a good return: After Nuvia in a second round of funding until the end of September 2020 had raised US $ 240 million.

One reason for the enormous appeal of the young company is likely to be its founder: Williams III was ten years for the System-on-Chip(SoC)development at Apple, responsible. As one of the leading industry minds, he has been responsible for the successful, in the iPhones and iPads used Axx Chips. Manu Gulati held in front of Nuvia the same Position at Google, and John Bruno worked in a leading Position in processor development at Google.

Snapdragon in Smartphones, Tablets, Notebooks, PCs, and more

This concentrated Brain-Power is now to be Qualcomm’s Snapdragon SoC family. The Snapdragon SoCs working in different variants mainly in Smartphones, Tablets, and Automotive platforms. For “real” laptops or PCs, your computing power is not enough, however. The previous Snapdragons – also in the fleet Snapdragon 8cx – in Benchmarks are significantly behind Intel’s Core i processors and AMD’s back Ryzen 4000U – and even further behind Apple’s new ARM-based M1.

Thus, the Assumption can be understood as a Declaration of war to the former employer of William III, but also to Intel and AMD: As Lenovo, Acer and Asus have already announced their collaboration with Qualcomm to continue and to want to both PCs as well as laptops based on the new Snapdragon SoCs develop.

Still, Intel is dominating and AMD processors with x86 architecture, this market is clear. But if, according to Apple, other manufacturers to switch to other CPU platforms, could be stuck for years felt cemented market structure belonging to the Slides.

Nuvia-CPU is not expected to be as a stand-alone product

The Nuvia last year announced high-end processor it will most likely be more than a stand-alone product. Probably is, that Qualcomm has integrated the IP directly into their own product family. Qualcomm puts it in the own press release: “It is expected that the Nuvia CPUs to be integrated in the broad product portfolio of Qualcomm Technologies.”

According to Qualcomm, 5G accelerates “the convergence of mobility and computer technology”. The company expects to see “incremental improvements in CPU performance and energy efficiency, in order to meet the requirements of the next Generation of 5G-Computing”.

Equipped with the Nuvia processors, Qualcomm looks well-positioned to establish Snapdragon “as the preferred platform for the future of networked computing”. Then the SoCs are powering the “flagship-Smartphones, Laptops, next-Generation digital Cockpits, as well as driver assistance systems, Augmented Reality and infrastructure-network solutions”.

Computing redefine

“5G, the convergence of Computer and mobile architectures and the expansion of mobile technologies on other sectors are significant opportunities for Qualcomm,” says Cristiano Amon, President and future CEO of Qualcomm Incorporated. Together with Nuvia, you will be very well positioned to define the Computing, and to enable the own Ecosystem of partners, “in the situation, drive innovation and deliver a new class of products and experiences for the 5G Era”.

As part of the transaction, Nuvia-founder Gerard Williams III, Manu Gulati and John Bruno and their employees will transfer to Qualcomm. Williams is convinced that the company is occupied at the CPU performance in the leading role, also defines the “next Era of Computing Innovation and implementation”.

The “merger of the two companies” is meant the Acquisition of Nuvia by Qualcomm would bring the best of engineering talents, technologies and resources in the industry. This is a new class of High-Performance Computing could create “platforms that set the bar for our industry”.

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