Revolution New Medicine Discusses the Importance of Brain Optimization

Carol Stream, IL, 1st June 2023, ZEX PR WIRE, Revolution New Medicine, led by the experienced Clinical Director Dr. Keith Nemec, has been a beacon of hope for those seeking alternative and natural treatments for over four decades. With a focus on brain optimization, Revolution New Medicine aims to educate people about the brain’s incredible power to control the body’s various functions. While most consider memory to be the brain’s primary function, it is just one of the many roles it plays. The brain has the power to keep every cell, tissue, organ, and gland healthy and functioning normally, preventing the onset of disease. This philosophy is fundamental to the way Revolution New Medicine operates, always finding the root cause of any symptom, condition, or disease in a brain imbalance, blockage, or inflammation. With this approach, Revolution New Medicine continues to change the lives of people throughout the world.

Revolution New Medicine’s innovative brain optimization program is the first step in any health protocol and is for everyone, whether it’s mental, emotional, relationship, performance, or physical health. The team at Revolution New Medicine understands that the brain controls every cell, tissue, gland, and organ in our bodies, and keeping it healthy is critical to a happy and healthy life. Their groundbreaking program not only helps prevent disease and keeps you physically healthy but also ensures you stay mentally and emotionally balanced.  When it comes to issues like loss, brain fog, depression, anxiety, addiction, and fatigue, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with all the emotional highs and lows. But what many don’t realize is that these symptoms are often caused by a brain imbalance, and when the fuses blow at the brain, everything is affected. Revolution New Medicine focuses on understanding that these symptoms are systemic, meaning every thought, emotion, belief system, and attitude is skewed. By addressing the inflammation that causes these imbalances, true healing can begin.

Revolution New Medicine is a pioneering alternative healing facility that has been treating patients naturally for over forty years. With a track record of 10,000 patients, their team has helped thousands restore their health and overcome debilitating health challenges. What’s impressive is that their patients come from all corners of the globe, including Canada, Africa, Israel, Mexico, Germany, Italy, Greece, Poland, Panama, Ecuador, and beyond. Revolution New Medicine has successfully treated a range of conditions, from autoimmune disorders, cardiovascular and respiratory disorders, digestive imbalances, hormonal imbalances and neurological disorders to the root cause of cancer. Also their longevity and anti-aging programs are truly a paradigm shift. Their unwavering commitment to promoting health and wellbeing has positioned them as a leader in natural medicine.

Dr. Nemec, the founder and driving force behind Revolution New Medicine, is a expert in his field. With a Doctorate degree from the National University of Health Sciences and a Masters degree in Nutritional Medicine, he has spent years studying how the mind, brain, emotion and body are all interconnected. His MBEB protocol has been developed to treat the root cause of imbalances at the cellular level, rather than simply treating symptoms. Dr. Nemec’s work extends beyond the center and into the wider community; he has published five books including: The Perfect Diet, The Environment of Health and Disease, Seven Basic Steps to Total Health, and Total Health = Wholeness and contributed many health articles, and has even broadcasted the radio show “Your Total Health” in Chicago AM1160 for 18 years. His focus on psychoneuroimmunology, nutritional medicine and stem cell biology is driven by his passion for understanding how the mind, diet and lifestyle affects cell health – in particular, stem cells. The result is a truly revolutionary approach to medicine that is changing lives every day.

Dr. Keith Nemec provides an example Revolution New Medicine uses to explain brain optimization and  the MBEB protocol, “ Imagine the brain is the master controller, the king of the nation. If he’s a ruthless dictator, he’s going to stress out every subject in his kingdom, and if those were cells, they would burn out, they would blow a fuse and disease would follow.

Now on the other hand, if this king could care less about the nation, he didn’t stress them. He just didn’t give them any energy, no funds for improvements, no aid or support, it’s as if the king wasn’t there. These subjects will also suffer because the kingdom needs a king to oversee it.

The body needs a brain to oversee it. Otherwise it will not function properly. There will be anarchy among the cells, and this opens the door to all disease, including cancer which is demonstrated through emergency situations in a city where there’s no police officers. With no protection there’s looting, rioting and destruction of property.

The kingdom was designed to have a king but it must have a king with the right heart not one with a heart of stone, or a hardened heart. So, when the king is genuinely interested in his subjects, he will take care of them like family, and if the brain is in balance and has no inflammation it performs, like the good king with a good heart, taking care of his nation or his family. But any imbalance or inflammation detected in the brain will set off a chain reaction into the organs, glands, tissues, and cells and it is the root cause of all disease. That’s why patients at Revolution New Medicine have regular 3-D brain imaging to make sure there is no inflammation and there is proper communication between the brain and all the cells of the body. This is what we call Revolution Brain Optimization.”

Revolution New Medicine is on a mission to help individuals achieve their peak potential through brain optimization and balance. The team of experts at this cutting-edge center is dedicated to balancing the neurons and neurotransmitters to ensure that the brain and body are functioning at their very best. This is crucial, as even a slight imbalance in the brain can lead to a hundred-fold imbalance downstream, seriously affecting our emotional wellbeing, thought processes, and perceptions of the world around us. At Revolution New Medicine, their purpose is to eliminate these imbalances and enable their patients to experience the world with clarity and full functionality. With the advanced techniques they employ, they stand poised to support you in your quest for a healthier, optimized Brain and body.

Take control of your mind and let Revolution New Medicine guide you towards unlocking your full cognitive, brain and body potential. Visit today to learn more about Revolution New Medicine’s services and how they can help you.

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