Ripple and Moneygram separate due to SEC complaint

Arthur Hayes seems to have no desire to let the police from Singapore to accompany. The Ex-CEO of crypto exchange BitMEX wants to come to the United States to a legal dispute with the US tax authority, to testify CFTC.

If the US market, guardians of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) don’t like one, then it is the operation of a non-licensed trading platform, to which Americans can access. Exactly, the authority accuses the four BitMEX-founders, including former CEO Arthur Hayes. The appropriate action has been filed by the CFTC in October 2020 at the court of the New York Südbezirks.

Hayes, at this time the CEO of the Exchange, said shortly after his resignation. Since then, the authorities had apparently effort to get a foothold. Hayes’s domicile, namely, not in the USA but in Singapore. How now, from court documents show that from the crypto Portal The Block published have been, has stated that Hayes is willing to come for his testimony in the United States. Specifically, Hayes plane to fly to Hawaii, in the case to testify. As the provisional date of the 6 is. April 2021 called. This is from the Transcript of a court hearing from the 9. February shows.

May the BitMEX co-founder wants to avoid a delivery method. Such has already been initiated against Greg Dwyer. Dwyer was the first employee of BitMEX and served most recently as Head of Business Development. After the indictment in October 2020 will be taking a leave of absence Dwyer from this Post “” let.

BitMEX bowing to pressure from the authorities

For a long time it was on BitMEX possible, lever products for Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies practically trade anonymous. A card control, as it is now the most centralized providers commonplace, did not take place. Only in August of 2020, BitMEX announced the identity of its customers to verify. For the CFTC, the accused BitMEX, to comply with KYC and AML regulations violated, the change of heart, apparently, too late.

For the latest crypto compass edition, we talked with the new BitMEX CEO Alexander Höptner, the led until recently, the Stuttgart stock exchange (BSDEX).

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