Rita Aalder’s Journey Coming in 2022

Back in July, Rita Aalder announced that she would be making her long-awaited return to music with a new album, Journey. Set to be released by Arzzarine Records in 2022 (No specific date has been announced) the project will be the singer’s first studio album since Anna, which was released back in 2014.

No singles have been released from the upcoming album but the artwork and tracklisting for Journey were shared by both Arzzarine Records and Rita Aalder on their respective Instagram pages, on July 15th. The 15-track album features space-themed artwork which may be a direct reference to the album title.

Much of Journey was written and produced about four years back with some songs said to be written even further than that and this time around, Rita is said to be collaborating with a lot more people on this record.

In between her hiatus, alot has happened in the singer’s life, prominently, the child abuse rumours that surfaced about four months ago. Rita has not commented on this yet, but fans are starting to string most of her lyrics together, alluding that ‘Change the tide’, ‘This is Love’ and in particular, ‘These days’ all talk subtly about the abuse.

In recent news, Rita Aalder recently adopted a cat named Maxill.

Arzzarine Records

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