S/4 Hana Trouble and Corona

Lünendonk-Study S/4 Hana Trouble and Corona

Soon, thousands of SAP must be completed-projects to S/4 Hana technology. The Trend to Remote work due to the Corona-situation changes the nature of the upcoming projects for the benefit of Cloud technology.

Company to the topic

This Screenshot of an SAP system from the year 1990 shows a
This Screenshot of an SAP system from the year 1990 shows a “list of operations with delay”. These days, the S4/Hana, it could be the conversion listed.

(Image: SAP)

Thousands of projects to In-Memory technology in the SAP environment, roles due to an upcoming Support end. Industry experts speak of over 50,000 SAP S/4 Hana conversion projects that are due in the next seven years in Germany. Legacy systems have to shut down the old databases to be saved and selected data are transferred. And in a market environment in the SAP specialists, who can just as something to use, not just sealing are sown. On the contrary, This specialist know-how for the transition to In-Memory technology is scarce. On top of that, additional difficulties due to the Corona measures.

Study of Lünendonk

Although S/4 Hana will be prioritized-changes during the Corona-time IT departments, and continued, in large part, however, “with a modified Scope”, so the extent, to have found out, the market researchers of Lünendonk in a recent study.

You give the Paper “S/4 Hana conversion: Status quo, planning and Roadmap for ERP modernization in the Corona pandemic,” Faith, then 87 percent of SAP customers want to have completed by 2025, the S/4 Hana Transformation. The Cloud will play a larger role than was planned in the past.

Projects stopped and slowed down

39 percent of the surveyed companies have, therefore, after all, due to the changed conditions as a result of the Corona crisis in their plans to the S/4 Hana conversion changed. Nearly half (46 %) of them stated that the changeover after the outbreak of the Corona-crisis slowed down or projects for cost reasons, to have halted for the time being. The remaining majority of companies want to be with the help of S/4 Hana the new requirements, for example in terms of a change in the home office-culture. As a result, forced to 64 percent in 2020, the changeover; especially, the ERP-align processes to the changing requirements of the specialist areas. Another aspect in this context is the better support for the development of digital business models by means of a modern ERP System for 54 percent of the company.

Status changes

The view on the Status of the S/4 Hana conversion to the middle of the year 2020 is characterized according to the study, a mixed picture, with 44 per cent of the companies surveyed have completed their ERP conversion already fully or partially. Only four percent of the participants have started 2020 with the implementation of completely new – a small number of new customers close. After all, 31 percent of the companies were holes in the middle of the year 2020 directly in the start. “These companies are expected to begin within the next few months, with the implementations,” said Mario Zillmann, a Partner at Lünendonk & Hossenfelder and author of the study, the results. However, nine percent of the surveyed companies want to make their S/4 Hana changes for the time being, and not continue to pursue.

For more home office, and more Cloud

A clear majority of 61 percent of the companies surveyed, the progress with your S/4 Hana-plans are already far, for the ERP operating on the Hybrid Cloud (2019: 14 %). A pure operation of S/4 Hana, only 21 percent of companies are planning against it. The majority of the companies would like to take “with the ERP conversion, the opportunity to accelerate processes and as well as improve the flexibility of the ERP to increase landscape as a whole,” says Zillmann.