Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G in the price drop: smartphone insider tip at a hammer price

Samsung has released an optimized version of the A52 with the Galaxy A52s 5G. After the launch of the successor Galaxy A53 5G, the sale has begun. Saturn and MediaMarkt have submitted and Amazon is following suit. There you even get a longer warranty. But you can still get a cheaper price on eBay.

Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G price drop

Update of May 31, 2022: The campaign of Saturn and MediaMarkt is still running and the prices mentioned below also apply to Amazon. But on eBay you can get the Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G with the voucher POWERTECH22 for a whopping 226.13 euros (look at eBay).

The offer is valid as long as stocks last and probably only today, as two promotions come together here. First the discount from MediaMarkt and then the discount from eBay. Strike while it’s still possible.

Original article:

In mid-August 2021, Samsung surprisingly presented an improved version of its “people’s phone” Galaxy A52: the new version is called Galaxy A52s 5G. It came on the market for 449 euros. Now the mobile phone is cheaper at Saturn and MediaMarkt through a VAT campaign. You come to a Price of only 251,26 Euro. Amazon does not let itself be raggedy and goes with it. You even get a 30-month warranty there.

Watch Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G at Saturn
Watch Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G at MediaMarkt
Watch Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G on Amazon

At each dealer you currently pay no shipping costsso that the final price is really 251.26 euros. Of course, it only applies while stocks last. Optionally, you can also get the newer Galaxy A53 cheaper.

What makes the Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G so special?

Samsung has made the Galaxy A52s 5G significantly more powerful by changing the processor. The Galaxy A52 5G was already running fast in our test, now the mobile phone should become a real high-flyer be. The many advantages of the smartphone remain unaffected. So it continues to be waterproof and protected against dust, has a high-resolution camera that takes good pictures, a large battery that can be charged quickly, and a large display with 120 Hz. Nobody needs a smartphone anymore.

In Video let’s show you the previous Samsung Galaxy A52 5G:

What is Samsung’s update policy?

As with all newer Samsung smartphones, the update guarantee from Samsung applies. For a total of four years, smartphones will be supplied with large and small Android updates. So it means that with the Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G an absolutely future-proof smartphone buy. It already supports 5G and is also provided with Android updates for a long time. Here you have peace and quiet for the next four years.

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