Samsung Galaxy: These Smartphones everyone needs to know

Coming soon: the Galaxy S21 the latest edition by Samsung is a popular Smartphone series. But in addition to the flagship series, Samsung had in its long history, a whole range of phones in store, which were a turning point. GIGA takes a look back at the most important appliances that everyone needs to know.

Samsung Galaxy: The most important Smartphones of the series

Whether this was intentional or due to external circumstances forced: Samsung had to make in its Galaxy a history of frequent Stop and a new course load. We look back on the 10 Galaxy Smartphones, which have been in the flashback to be a real turning point for Samsung, and thus also for the entire industry. Whether from a technical point of view, the Design or the other, perhaps even tragic reasons. Let’s go …

The beginning of power, how could it be otherwise, the very first Galaxy Smartphone. The GT-I7500 selected Samsung’s Android debut, and was released in June 2009. Compared to the first Android Smartphone ever, the HTC G1, realized Samsung is already the Trend of the times and brought the GT-I7500 completely without the Hardware keyboard on the market. Among the technical Highlights of the 3.2-inch AMOLED Display and 5-MP main camera. In the criticism Samsung got due to the fact that the software has stopped support of the GT-I7500, after only 8 months and the device never received an official Update to Android 2.0 Eclair. Despite the negative headlines, Samsung with the first Galaxy but the Foundation for its future Smartphone success.

A year later, the first Galaxy S and the beginning of Samsung’s legendary flagship series followed. The granddaddy of the Galaxy-S series was a real engineering milestone and had a 1 GHz strong processor on Board and ahead of the competition with its bright Super AMOLED Display. Visually, the Galaxy is orientated S with its rounded corners and the center-placed home button on iPhone from Apple, what year, long went to court disputes.

Much ridicule had to listen to Samsung at the IFA 2011, when the manufacturer introduced the very first Galaxy Note. For the conditions of the unheard-of display diagonal of 5.3 inch, and the Stylus made the Galaxy Note is the first Generation to the laughingstock of the fair. But it does not say in vain: “he Who laughs last, laughs best”. Samsung had the right “nose” and rebuked the journalists, and mobile phone experts lies. The Galaxy Note sold by them and all of a sudden Samsung addition to the Galaxy S series had another Smartphone-leg to stand on.

With the Galaxy S3, Samsung was finally the final breakthrough. Although South Korea had developed a niche group in a strong Position in the Smartphone market – but only the first introduced in 2012 Galaxy S3 catapulted Samsung on a par with the iPhone competition from Apple. This was on the one hand, the new Design of the Galaxy S3, the fit with its soft curves fit perfectly in the Hand, and with its 4.7-inch Display on the customer’s desire for larger Displays, satisfied. On the other hand, the third Galaxy-S-Generation of a massive advertising accompanied the campaign. The climax of the clever Marketing measures, the Video for the Hit “Candy” from Robbie Williams, in of the Galaxy S3, played a not very subtle the main role and at every opportunity prominently in the camera was held.

Another turning point for the Galaxy series in 2014 should be – in two ways. After Samsung for the Galaxy S5 in the cross-fire of criticism, the manufacturer in the framework of the IFA 2014, the Galaxy Alpha. Even if Samsung admitted it in public, was the Galaxy Alpha is a direct reaction to the negative headlines, the Galaxy S5, which accused the flagship iPhone 6 and HTC’s One M-series to be cheap-looking plastic housing. “Look here, we can build Smartphones with a high-quality housing”, was the subliminal message that the Galaxy Alpha sent with its metal frame. Now Samsung put its flagship Smartphones a higher value on quality of workmanship and Design, as a year later. But previously excelled Samsung to another Smartphone …

Also at the Berlin radio fair, Samsung introduced namely the Galaxy Note Edge. In fact, identical to the regular Galaxy Note 4, was the unique selling feature of the Note Edge without a doubt its Display. On the right side was bent, therefore, the addition of “Edge”, which makes the Smartphone a whole new Feeling sprayed – silence of the additional information that were to be seen at the Edge of the Display to to. The Note Edge was originally only a feasibility study, and was sold in small numbers, have developed the rounded display edges become THE hallmark of Samsung and are both in the Galaxy S series as the Note series.

With the Galaxy S6 Samsung has freed itself definitively from the “plastic bomber“ the Image of the past. The flagship of the year 2015 took over the metal frame of the Galaxy Alpha, brought in addition, but a high quality glass enclosure. The predecessor is a difference like day and night was: Finally Samsung’s flagship Smartphone was able to keep up visually with the iPhone and no longer had to hide in shame in the farthest corner of the Smartphone schoolyard.

Away from the Exterior, the Galaxy S6, however, marks a further cut Samsung mobile phone history: As the first Galaxy Smartphone in the upper class had the power the Galaxy S6 is no removable battery on Board – a Trend that continues since more and more Samsung Smartphones to continue and, in the meantime, not even in front of the entry-level and middle – class support.

Two years ago, the Galaxy Note 7 was to be the best Smartphone in 2016, named – before Samsung dreams literally up in smoke have dissolved. Two independent battery error ensured that the Galaxy Note 7 exploded partially caught fire and sometimes even. Two recalls later, Samsung had to see to get the errors under control and hand-stamped short-the Galaxy Note 7. In consequence, the group has developed a new, 8-step safety test, so that the recurrence of such incidents in the future.

The Galaxy S8 (test video above) marked a further turning point for Samsung. The one built by the South Korean manufacturer, the so-called “Infinity Display“ with an 18.5:9 Format and compared to the previous again refined rounded edges of the screen. On the other hand, Samsung line the physical home button on the Front – to date, a hallmark of Samsung’s Galaxy Smartphones. Due to the lack of space at the front of the Samsung now for the first time in the history of the Galaxy S series on software keys.

After years of rumors, was born in the year 2019, the Galaxy Fold, the light of the world – and so is the first commercially available folding Smartphone from a known brand manufacturer. The beginning was all about: Because of display problems, Samsung had to cancel the for the spring market to start. After a few improvements to the Galaxy Fold came in the fall and an additional 5G in the trade. But only the second Generation can eliminate many of the shortcomings of the first.