So conveniently Top-Smartwatch was never

The Galaxy Watch 3 is greatly reduced. So favorable was a Top Smartwatch in fact, never. GIGA reveals where to find the watch just for the top prize – and for whom it is worth buying.

Update 09. February 2021: Strong promotion at Otto! The retailer offers the sought-after Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 at an insane price. Just once 241,95 Euro the new Smartwatch model from Samsung costs in the 45-mm variant. Buyers have the choice between the colors, Mystic Silver and Mystic Black. Normally you have to pay for the larger Version of the Galaxy Watch 3 is currently around 280-290 Euro the offer of Otto is a real good Deal!

Who wants to save the Galaxy Watch 3 at the offer price, you should better hurry up. At such a cheap price, the Smartwatch is expected to be sold out quickly.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 3: Small Version in silver and Bronze from 339 Euro

With the Samsung Galaxy 3, the South Korean company has presented in the beginning of August, finally, a true successor to the now two-years of the Samsung Galaxy Watch. The predecessor was the starting shot anything other than a price-to-performance crusher that has not changed even with the new models. So Samsung has demanded the start of sales for the new 41 mm model with Wi-Fi, 418 euros, the 45 mm Version of the hit 447 euros.

But as always, Where there’s a Samsung product, there is a rapid decline – the Galaxy Watch 3 is no exception. So, cyber port, for example, the 41-mm Version in the colors of “Mystic Bronze” and “Mystic Silver” already 339 euros shipping included on, around 80 euros cheaper than for publication.

The price development of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 (41 mm, Wi-Fi, Mystic Bronze) without shipping costs within the last 3 months in the Overview (image: Idealo)

The most important new features of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 in the product video:

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 45 mm: this is the large Version

Similarly, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 with 45 mm. Here the price was the start of sales with rich 447 Euro, meanwhile, there is the Wi-Fi model, and silver already for 360,74 euros, including shipping costs. If you prefer the black Version, find the best price currently for cyber port. 369 euros for this Version due to the shipping costs. Here, too, the price decline is not avert so, compared to the 41 mm-diameter model is even a bit larger.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3: Makes the Smartwatch Upgrade make sense?

Compared to the older Samsung Galaxy Watch has not done in the new model so much. Below the Display is the same processor is still working, after all, the amount of RAM has been increased to 1 GB, Flash memory has been doubled to 8 GB. The capacity of the battery was reduced compared to the previous a little. The same applies to the dimensions of the Smartwatch, which are each shrunk up to a Millimeter, without having the size of the Displays to reduce.

What the buyer must do without in Germany so far, the ECG feature of the Galaxy Watch 3. When you can expect activation of the feature, is not yet known.

The Changes to the Original Samsung Galaxy Watch-keep in the boundaries. Who can do without the extra amount of memory and the ECG function, should so maybe a look at the old Version of the Smartwatch. This has become really cheap: Amazon sells the 46 mm Version for 184,85 Euro so for around half the price of the Galaxy Watch 3.

You ought to consider when buying a Smartwatch to all cases:

Samsung Galaxy Watch: Will drop the price further?

The Galaxy Watch makes it the new Galaxy Watch 3 will do it. The price of the new Samsung Smartwatch is likely to go in the next few months on a downward spiral – this fate seem to share all the products in the Smartphone giant.

Looking for an Alternative to Samsung Galaxy Watch 3? These models are in great demand in Germany:

In addition, the Black Friday is in a couple of months back in front of the door. At this point, the price of the Smartwatch reach a new record low. Should this happen, we will inform you in a timely manner.