So much is your old Samsung phone value

If you want to buy a new Samsung Galaxy S21, sometimes has to dig deep in the bag. The selling platform, eBay has determined that is why the average prices for older High-End Smartphones.

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Old Samsung phone for Galaxy S21 to sell

Now that the Galaxy-S21-Smartphones have been presented, are likely to wish to change many owners of older Samsung phones. Who would not want to use the Trade-In-Service from the manufacturer, selects mostly eBay or eBay classifieds for sale. The company has determined, therefore, the average selling prices for the older models on the platforms will be traded. So you know directly what you can ask for your old mobile phone and how much you the Galaxy S21 on it have to pay.

The following prices you can expect to see on eBay and in the classifieds:

  • Samsung Galaxy S9 (Plus): Between 225 and 280 euros depending on the storage size
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 (Plus): Between 350 and 500 euros, depending on memory size and whether or 5G model
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 (Plus or Ultra): Between 460 and 800 euros, with the Ultra model is rarely offered

In the end, it of course depends on how good the condition of the smartphone is and how well you negotiated. Beautiful photos, and a full range of accessories can affect the price positively. You have to hold your own against the competition.

You should also consider whether the sale makes sense. It is also the passing in the family would be. Especially when Galaxy S9, that no longer brings in as much, would be a “Bequeath” useful. Samsung wants to promote, as in the following Video explains:

Samsung Galaxy S21 buy now or wait?

Who can’t wait, absolutely can buy the Samsung Galaxy S21, S21 Plus or S21 Ultra, of course, immediately, and benefits of pre-order actions. The Galaxy S21 and S21, Plus there is a Galaxy Buds Live for free. Anyone who buys the Galaxy S21 Ultra even gets the Galaxy Buds Per free of charge. Who is not in a hurry, you should wait. The decline in the price of the S21 Smartphones is inevitable. In a few weeks you will be able to the mobile phones even cheaper to buy.