A new software update for the Galaxy Watch 4 should actually make the Samsung smartwatch complete. The opposite is the case: users suddenly report empty batteries and disconnecting connections to the mobile phone. This is probably due to the Google Assistant.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 4: update causes problems

After months of delay, Samsung has recently distributed an important update for its Galaxy Watch 4 (Classic). With this comes the Google Assistant is finally on the smartwatch. But the joy only lasted for a short time, because apparently the update brings several new difficulties to the clock.

Among other things, users report a noticeably faster discharging battery. The connection to the accompanying smartphone is also no longer as stable as before. In addition, the smartwatch should only react occasionally when the digital assistant is called up. It can be assumed that the Google Assistant is responsible for the problems.

Some owners of a Galaxy Watch 4 (Classic) even report that the paring with the smartphone is not only interrupted once, but simply no new connection established can be used (source: Android Authority).

Only one complete reset of the system the smartwatch should sometimes convince you to reconnect to the mobile phone. However, all data previously recorded by the smartwatch will also disappear. Apps have to be set up again in a time-consuming manner.

Before the problem update, we looked at the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 in detail:

Galaxy Watch 4 with problems: no solution in sight

At the moment, it is still completely unclear when Samsung will solve the problem. It should running out on a patchwhich will hopefully be distributed to owners of the smartwatch as soon as possible. Neither Samsung nor Google, as the manufacturer of Wear OS 3.0, have yet commented on the issue.