Tech-talents, understand competitive advantages

Lessons from a year-Covid-19-crisis Tech-talents, understand competitive advantages

The demand for IT professionals has increased since the beginning of the pandemic rapidly. The end of 2020, according to the Bitkom around 86,000 Vacancies in Germany – the second-highest value measured since the beginning of the survey in 2011. A reason, now take a closer look.


Now who has learned nothing from the pandemic and the crisis in recruitment and employee retention, the competition punished.
Now who has learned nothing from the pandemic and the crisis in recruitment and employee retention, the competition punished.

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As Germany was in March 2020 in the first Lockdown, had to change the most traditional companies quickly office – home office work. It was quickly clear that “work” was going to be re-defined.

The pandemic has made agility to the Supreme Credo for companies of all sizes and industries. However, developers have contributed to the digital Transformation of the work of a pioneer and expert in terms of agility, flexibility and Digital Skills were still a long time before you were a part of the strategic Business Agenda. These insights can be gained from the past few months, drawn:

1. IT professionals are now as important as never before

Today much of it is seen as the key to entrepreneurial success: Agile project management with its iterative approach allows to manage uncertainties effectively, to turn it into a lever for competitiveness and the digital Transformation forward. Companies that want to be in a world after the pandemic successfully, should take heed to and from your developer team for inspiration and advice.

While the IT Department has historically regarded as a supporter and a service provider to a company, it is now increasingly in the role of an innovation driver, especially for companies that have in the core business, a little more touch points with the topic of IT. If companies want to be permanently successful, you need to include IT more in their development and strategic orientation.

2. What is decisive is the correct digital Toolset is

With the abrupt change to the home office companies of all sizes and sectors in the past year were also the used technologies and solutions behind the questions. For many organizations, the first was to implement the appropriate methods of work and the appropriate Mindset. In the “war for Talent”, it will be in the future also crucial that software can offer a package company. Young talents have clear ideas about what Software you want to work with. Especially in times in which, according to Bitkom, almost every Second person is working, at least partially, in the home office, questions, applicants, increasingly, the digital equipment of your potential employer. This much can be seen: the employers value the fact that I can work from anywhere? He gives me the Tools to make my Job a real difference? Or does he prefer the cheap Option?

To one of the world’s most widely used Collaboration Tools, Slack is currently in use. In a few years, the Tool has developed from an insider tip among IT experts to be one of the most popular Team Collaboration solutions in the world. Not least because Slack was developed in such a way that it meets the requirements of Start-Ups to large corporations in terms of scalability, security, and Compliance. It adapts to the existing organizational structures of companies and forms this digital – for example, in the Workspaces, Channels, Apps, and integrations.

In the future, we should prepare ourselves to the fact that workers ask these questions more and more frequently – and the answers will affect your job selection significantly. Companies should now invest in a modern Tech Stack, the offers for every application the best solutions, rather than for reasons of cost, holding on to outdated Tools. Then you will be able to attract the right talent. The conclusion is: In the “war for Talent”, it will be a decisive competitive factor, what digital Tools, companies can offer their employees.

3. The future of work is a hybrid and asynchronous

The office was for a long time as a hub of collaboration. The synchronous communication in the Form of direct interviews and Meetings was for decades the Standard and was rarely questioned. But the pandemic has changed everything. In many companies, projects are organized with the help of digital Tools, instead of lengthy Meetings discussed. Events and appointments, take place virtually. And coordination with clients and external partners on solutions such as Slack, Connect, instead of traveling for a short Meeting across the country.

A survey by the Future forum of Slack shows that only 12 percent of workers want to return permanently to the office. The majority of respondents prefer a hybrid approach, i.e. a mixture of Remote Work and office work. In the course of this development, companies should be solved by the expectation that work should only take place between 9 and 17 o’clock. Instead, you should encourage your employees to work the hours that are best for you and your Work-Life Balance makes the most sense. The result will be that you will spend less time in Meetings and more space for their actual work are happier and more productive.

This evolution of the employers, the door to recruit employees at any location in the world. Particularly for companies that do not sit in the attractive cities, could mix the shift to a hybrid and asynchronous operation of the cards, to be able to fight for coveted Tech talents in the future to enforce. In the future, it will be a key factor, to offer people the possibility of time – and location-independent work. Who is now on the right lever, this will attract the talents of tomorrow for themselves.

Harmony it is now

In order to make a job for Top talent is attractive, it is also important to strengthen openness of behaviour. Managers must therefore include all of them, no matter where you work, instead preferring those that are just in the office. The pandemic forced a never sensed acceleration of the introduction of digital Tools. But to have it simply is not enough. The companies that are on the go most of the pandemic, to understand it, to optimize its use and to implement not only the Tools but also the appropriate Mindset in the company.

Oliver Bloomers, Slack Technologies GmbH.

Oliver Bloomers, Slack Technologies GmbH.

(Image: Slack)

The focus is on sustainably successful company should be in the year 2021, to allow for better cooperation and coordination in a hybrid, asynchronous world. Especially for fast-moving Tech team, this is critical for the required talents to attract and retain.

* The author Oliver bloomers is the Head of the ROOF, Slack Technologies GmbH.