Technology that works, lowers the stress level

Puppy and functional calculator Technology that works, lowers the stress level

The technology fails, employees are frustrated and stressed out. How important it is for your well-being and productivity is that computers work smoothly, shows an Experiment of Dell Technologies.


Watch Videos with dog puppy triggers positive emotions; the level is comparable with the changeover to a new, better Computer.
Watch Videos with dog puppy triggers positive emotions; the level is comparable with the changeover to a new, better Computer.

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Hardly anything annoys employees like outdated Computer that slow down the flow of work through a lame Performance, and a lot of mistakes. Nevertheless, do without company for cost reasons, often on a regular renewal of equipment and take frustrated employees, and lost productivity in the time of purchase. The conclusion that a better technology with a view to motivating more employees and better work results should be actually obvious.

An Experiment of Dell Technologies from the past year, as evidenced by the work and welfare of employees of obsolete and error-prone technique of suffering and the positive effects that can smoothly trigger the functioning of devices. In cooperation with Emotiva bioinformatics specialist, the mobile EEG Headsets (electroencephalography) and applications for the analysis of brain activities with the help of Machine Learning developed, examined the Dell Technologies, the reactions of some 30 participants on good and bad work experiences on computers.

This showed that the completion of a task was not twice as stressful, if the technology was in. The transition to a modern working device, however, the stress level dropped significantly and employees were significantly more productive. You were able to do the tasks much faster and per hour of work nearly 23 minutes to save – in the case of a 40-hour week, the 15 hours would be.

Login problems and loss of data, ensure a high level of Frustration

For the Experiment, the participants were between 19 and 58 years old and different levels of computer knowledge brought with them, some challenging tasks to a “bad”, then a “good” computer to do had to. The bad prevent you with a low Performance, a complicated Login, as well as, typical workplace problems, such as the failure of the Internet connection and data loss when you Save a file on the liquid to Work and in order to Achieve the financial reward for Doing as many tasks.

The good PC was, however, with the current performance has made it no problems. In addition, the participants received in the course of the investigation, Videos of puppies, and accidents are shown, as well as relaxing music is played, in order to obtain comparative values for your emotional reactions, and determine how quickly you stressful situations can leave behind.

Difficulties in logging on to the computer to let the stress level of the participants, and within a few seconds, or 31 percent, increase, the failure of the Internet connection and the loss of data when Saving resulted in an increase of 17 per cent each. These frustration experiences, moreover, were also not just temporarily, but sustainably, and adversely affected thereby, the following tasks.

How Videos of dog babies

Only the brain showed flows to the Frustration of the subjects – some made their Anger verbally air. The transition to a new, better Computer that triggered the participants to have positive emotions, such as Watching Videos with puppies and called forth more enthusiasm than the receipt of the financial reward for the Execution of the tasks.

Across all age groups, the productivity was at the old and error-prone computers is significantly below the current, error-free running systems. The difference is particularly apparent in the case of participants under the age of 26 was delivered with modern appliances and better results than the older participants were using outdated technology, but not even half as productive as this.

In addition, the investigation revealed that employees with great Computer experience with poor IT equipment to operate at a similar performance level as employees with little computer experience. Only with modern technology you can use your Expertise and offer more than inexperienced colleagues.

Young and experienced employees benefit the most

For positive experiences in the workplace, it needs not only current Hardware, but also by smart Software, and Services. The Software “Dell Optimizer optimizes” for example, in the Background, the Performance and battery life of computers, adjusts Audio settings independently and automatically selects the best available Internet connection in order to tough data transfers, and floor to prevent the end of video conferences.

“Dell Support Assist” checks the state of a Client computer continuously, in order to discover problems and Troubleshooting initiating, before the user noticed anything at all. Added to this are consultancy services, the company can help when you Create employee profiles and the selection of suitable work equipment. With “Dell PCaaS“you get the PCs, according to the manufacturer’s information to “well-planned” monthly cost. You can specify that the devices be renewed every 36 months.