WhatsApp is the world’s most popular messenger. Over two billion people use Meta’s messenger to communicate with each other. You can write texts, send pictures and videos, but also make calls. But WhatsApp has a lot more on it. With our tips and tricks you can get everything out of the messenger.

WhatsApp: You should know these tips and tricks

WhatsApp is no longer just a messenger. The range of functions has become so large that it is easy to lose track of them. That’s why we have summarized the most important tips and tricks for you. You can find all the details in the linked posts:

  1. Pin chats on top: If you write with a lot of people, it can quickly become confusing. But you can easily pin three contacts or groups on top and thus always have an eye on the most important chats. You can find out more about this in this article.
  2. Using Status: In the status function you can share your daily activities with your contacts. We’ll tell you what’s going on in this article.
  3. Insert a link in Status: For example, you can share a link in the status and thus point your contacts to a great offer or a website. You can find out more about this in this article.
  4. Use reactions: You don’t always have to reply to a message, you can now also respond to a message with an emoji on WhatsApp, as you already know from Facebook. How to do this, we explain to you in this article.
  5. Turn off notifications of reactions: Every time you respond to a message from you, you will receive a notification. This can be annoying in the long run, but can be turned off. We will explain how you do this in this article.
  6. Voice messages: WhatsApp has just introduced a lot of innovations for voice messages. There are a total of six new functions, which we have explained here.
  7. Delete messages for everyone: If an error has happened to you, you can delete your message – also with the recipient. What you have to consider, we will tell you in this article.
  8. Self-destructive messages: You have the possibility to send messages that delete themselves independently. How to activate the function, we’ll tell you in this article.
  9. Read a message without blue hooks: If you don’t want anyone to notice when you have read a message, you can activate it. You can read how to do this in this article.
  10. Disable blue checkmarks: You also have the option to disable the blue check marks in WhatsApp. For this you have to do what we explain to you in this article.
  11. Send your own location: If you want to meet with friends, it makes sense to share the location so that you can find each other better. How to activate the function, we’ll tell you in this article.
  12. Mark messages: If you don’t want to forget a message in WhatsApp, you can mark it. You can read how to do this in this article.
  13. Use Search: To find these messages again, you can use the search. Of course, we have also written an article for you.
  14. Mark read messages as unread: If you have read a message by mistake, you can undo it. We’ll show you how this works in this article.
  15. Phone call: Writing messages and sending pictures is nice, but sometimes you also want to hear the voice of the other person. Of course, this is also possible in WhatsApp. How exactly, we’ll tell you in this article.
  16. Create backup: It is advisable to create a backup and store it, for example, in the cloud. You can read how this works in this article.
  17. Restore Backup: Of course, so that you know how to restore the backup, we also have an article for you.
  18. Change background: If you want to refresh WhatsApp visually, you can change the background image. This is easier than you think. We’ll show you in this article.
  19. Formatting text and changing the font: But you can not only change the background, but also adjust the text. In the article we will tell you step by step what you have to do for this.
  20. Mute chat: If there is too much chatter in a chat, you can simply mute the chat. This works quite simply, as we explain to you in this article.
  21. Block contacts: If someone gets too upset with you on WhatsApp, you can simply block the contact and have peace of mind. How to do this, we’ll tell you in this article.
  22. Hide “Last online” status: To create a little more privacy, you can hide the “Last online” status. To do this, you need to proceed like this.
  23. Using WhatsApp on PC: Did you know that you can also use WhatsApp comfortably on your PC? Here you can find out how to do this.
  24. Activate holiday mode: Just really switch off on vacation? There is also a holiday mode on WhatsApp. How to activate it, we’ll tell you in this article.
  25. Automatically send a reply: If you only want to unsubscribe for a short time, but do not leave your friends in the dark, you can send automatic replies. This is not as complicated as we tell you in this article.
  26. Moving Android to iPhone: If you are tired of your Android phone and have got an iPhone, then the change is easy. We have written a guide for you on how you can easily change trains.
  27. Change the number: If you change your number right away, you can of course take it with you to WhatsApp and automatically notify your contacts. You can read how this works here.
  28. Verification failed? If the verification does not work, you should follow these tips to solve the problem.
  29. Alternatives to WhatsApp: And if you are tired of WhatsApp, there are many good alternatives that we have examined for you in this article.

These were the most important tips and tricks for WhatsApp. The article is constantly updated and kept up to date, so that you always know what’s going on with WhatsApp and what you can do with it.

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