The digitization is infinite

IT Trends 2021 The digitization is infinite

A survey of Bitkom Research shows, is not the end of the digitization in sight. The increasing investments in German companies confirm. Also the AI skills in this ongoing process to be in demand.


The digitisation is in full swing – and it seems to have no short-term, high-altitude flight, but we will continue to be change.
The digitisation is in full swing – and it seems to have no short-term, high-altitude flight, but we will continue to be change.

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Rare crisis and opportunity were so close to each other like in the year 2020. The physical economy slowed down in full career, while digitisation has accelerated rapidly. What seemed at the beginning of the year is unthinkable, is now almost Standard. But what can be for companies from the year’s developments for the coming year derived? With this question, the IT service provider Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) and from a representative survey of Bitkom Research of 955 companies with 100 or more employees in Germany, five IT Trends for the year 2021 were identified.

Trend 1: Artificial intelligence could soon dominate everyday life in the company

Although 13 percent of German companies rely on Artificial intelligence (KI), but the potential is big and the expectations are on the rise: one in three companies discussed about AI, or is already planning the first steps. Almost every Second (46 %) of employees currently with the theme. Every second company (50 %) is now convinced that AI is a key technology for competitiveness.

More than half of companies (53 %) agree with the statement that AI knowledge, in ten years will have the same value as today’s Office skills. The company already has with KI and appropriate applications, this plan or discuss the share with 64 percent of them even about it. Two-thirds (66 %) also believe that KI will facilitate the daily work of the employees.

Trend 2: staff to accompany the digital transformation

Technology is only one aspect of digitization. The change succeeds only share with people who initiate changes, and make. Responsible to take this task more seriously than in the past years: for the First time, uses more than half of companies (54 %) are now methods of change management to support its employees and to make the change active.

Trend 3: The crisis as the digitisation accelerator

The German company will estimate the own digitization progress rather modest: On a scale of 1 (very beginning of the digitization) to 10 (fully digitized) to assign, on average, a value of 5.7. Thus, the companies have developed in the last three years, at a moderate level. However, the Covid-19 acts-crisis as a catalyst for the digitization of Four out of ten companies (40 %) indicate that the corona has accelerated crisis, the digitization of your business model, leads to a change in the supply of products and services. Every fourth company (25 %) has increased the pace of digitization of business processes. And more than a third of companies (39 %) experienced that since Corona-the outbreak of the handling of employees with digital technologies has changed positively. In the meantime, 85 percent of the German companies see the digitization is positive, an increase of 7 percentage points compared to the previous year. For the first Time ever, not a single company rejects the digitization package.

Trend 4: Increasing Investment

The investment in the digitisation of increase from year to year.
The investment in the digitisation of increase from year to year.

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Companies are, compared to digital issues and innovations in open. This is reflected in rising investment: Three-quarters (75 %) of companies have increased due to the experiences in the corona of a crisis, your investment in digital devices, technologies and applications. In the past year, companies spent, on average, 5.9 percent of their total sales for the digitization – the investments are at an all-time high. The view of the current year shows that The upward trend could increase in the future significantly.

Trend 5: Not the end of the digitization in sight

Technologies, applications, and customer requirements change in the coming years. Almost eight out of ten companies (78 %) see Digital Transformation as a continuous process. At the same time, every fifth company (20 %) still believes that change will one day finally complete. Almost all companies have adopted, however, by the assumption, the Transformation in the next five years to finish.

The insight into the individual business areas of the company shows that The digitisation is well advanced in most areas similar to far. Furthermore, there is a backlog, as in the past three years, according to the self-assessment of the companies in the production. On a scale of 1 to 10, they assign, on average, a value of 4.8. The top of the customer service (5,9) currently holds.


The year 2020 marks in many areas a turning point in the digitalization of the economy. The Covid-19-crisis has revealed the deficiencies of the company relentlessly open, of inadequate home office infrastructures to unstable supply chains. This is documented not least by the rapidly increasing investment in digital solutions.

In all of the human and economic tragedies of the crisis is also an opportunity: The company now responds consistently to the for years, increasing pressure for innovation. The node has burst. For the first time, not a single company rejects the digital progress more. Hardly a decision-maker believes in the end of the digitisation in a day X. Instead, the recognition that the Transformation to a potentially infinite process.