The expected buyer of the Super-Smartphone

In just a few days: Already the middle of January the presentation of the new Galaxy S21 is not expected and thus significantly earlier than in previous years. GIGA summarizes what buyers can look forward to in Samsung’s new Super-Smartphone and where Surprises wait.

Samsung Electronics

Usually, Samsung introduces the latest Version of the Galaxy S series in late February or early March. That the Galaxy S21 should be in a few days, lifted from the baptism, is a more than an unusual step. In spite of the shorter development time, Samsung has according to the rumors, but a lot in store to make the Smartphone a bestseller. The most important questions and answers about the Galaxy S21, we list clearly.

What should cost the Galaxy S21?

Currently it is speculated that Samsung is turning the Galaxy S21 again at the price – but down. Supposedly the standard version and the Plus should cost model will be around 50 euros less than their predecessors. Lower prices are a rarity in the mobile world, but at least three questionable decisions in the facilities of the new Smartphones could explain this step. More on this later.

When should be presented to the Galaxy S21?

The presentation is for the 14. January expected. Due to the current situation, a large Live event with audience is likely to be rather unlikely, which is why Samsung unveiled the new S21-Generation in the context of Online Events. The start of sales of the new Smartphones on 29. January be.

How to look like the Galaxy S21?

So the Galaxy-S21-Smartphones should look like. Image: Lets Go Digital.

At the Front, the Galaxy-S21-smart phones are to be changed visually, just discreetly. According to the render images, for example, the display margins are likely to shrink a little more. To the rear there is, however, stronger Changes. In particular, the camera modules are re-designed. You seem like a natural part of the housing, and not more so “on it clap” like its predecessors. Tastes are different, we like it, however.

Which processor is in the Galaxy S21?

European models of the Samsung Galaxy S line are equipped for several years with a Exynos processor, the US-variants, however, with Qualcomm Chips. The latter performance are generally stronger and more energy-efficient. In the Galaxy S21 is said to be in Europe again, with a Exynos Chip, but the new Exynos 2100 should be able to keep up with many improvements with the Qualcomm competition. Commendable: internal memory Samsung is no slouch and installed allegedly 256 GB in the basic version. This is twice as much as last year.

The Galaxy S21 is delivered with Android 11 – new:

And where are the “nasty Surprises” at the Galaxy S21 now?

It could be equal to three – that explain all of the supposedly slightly lower price. So the standard version and the Plus-variant of the Galaxy S21 should have no glass back for more. Instead, it is expected that Samsung used a Material that feels like glass, but made of plastic: “Glasstic”, it’s supposed to mean. This is likely a taste of many Samsung Fans hardly. To the front there is – depending on your point of view – something pleasing or pitiful, because the S21 and S21, Plus will receive a flat screen. Only the Ultra model will have, as we Heard, more an Edge of the Display.

And the Worst for last: the buyer of the Galaxy S21 will have to on a power supply without. Supposedly, Samsung is taking a model of Apple and the new Top will deliver Smartphones with charging cable.