The factory of the future

IT Trends 2021 The factory of the future

How will change in the next year? Indispensable it has become the Mathworks, according to each case, to make flexible manufacturing systems more Autonomous. And even after the pandemic virtual test processes will remain.


The factory of the future will be Autonomous and more digital.
The factory of the future will be Autonomous and more digital.

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Mathworks is an American Software company that has specialised in technical calculations, and multi-domain Simulation. The products are aimed at engineers and scientists, among others, the automotive, aerospace and electronics. For the manufacturer, it is clear that the year 2021 will be characterised by new innovations in Operational Technology (OT). Philipp Wallner, Industry Manager at Mathworks identifies the following five Trends.

1. KI-projects will be economically successful

While Artificial intelligence (AI) through the use of Smartphones, fitness trackers, or other smart wizard finds its way into the private four walls, has begun the manufacturing industry, according to the Mathworks just starting to think seriously about the Integration of AI thinking. The production line of the future will be based heavily on AI, when it comes to automatic condition monitoring and predictive maintenance (Predictive Maintenance), visual quality inspection and optimization of manufacturing processes. In the next few years, new KI will come-based applications on the market that are not only technologically interesting, but also economically relevant. Thus, it is possible to flexibly produce Goods in small production quantities. In the end the AI more flexible and higher-performance machines will not allow Software, which would be by conventional programming.

2. The functionality of the machine is validated in the Simulation

The increasing complexity of machines, Software, and the progressive modularization of modern production plants have led to the fact that in the run-up to more and more extensive simulations are needed. The fact that international travel for commissioning or service purposes decreased due to the Corona of a pandemic, significantly or in some cases even came to a Standstill, reinforced this Trend. Functional testing of production equipment will in future be carried out with comprehensive models for Simulation and virtual commissioning. The factory of the future is twice built first virtually, then physically. A digital Image that is continuously fed with Live data, will be available during the entire service life of the machine as a digital twin information about their condition, what ultimately will make assignments to the exception.

3. Merger of the production hall and the office

Through the connection of modular machines using standardized protocols, or the change from cable connections to wireless protocols such as 5G, the IT sector will experience a change. Programs running on industrial control systems, Edge devices, and Cloud systems, will work even more closely with Apps and Dashboards, and finally to the production area and the office area can be merged. Increasingly powerful hardware systems will not only enable the execution of complex AI Algorithms on production devices, but also a new level of human-machine interaction through automated processing of text data and said initiating a recognition that in the consumer goods industry, with intelligent voice assistant, is widely used.

4. Robots and Autonomous systems to automate the production

The flexible production in the factory of the future requires robots and Autonomous handling systems, to more quickly to changing requirements. While the classical programming and Training of robots is not suitable, the System on the processing of large and fast-growing quantities of different goods to prepare, will learn handling devices like this in the future through Reinforcement Learning and other AI techniques to automatically. The requirements for high computing power and large amounts of data – have been created in the last few years.

5. More opportunities for engineers with advanced domain knowledge

After this year has shown how important digitization is, it will reveal the next years, who is for the factory of the future is ready and who is not. The companies that are successfully with the challenges and opportunities of an increasingly digital and virtual world, do so with a team of engineers with advanced domain knowledge, that is, those that are able to domain knowledge with expertise to combine technology and Tools from companies such as Mathworks. In order to be prepared for a future in the industry 4.0 is only the beginning, companies in the industry to build plants and operate the revise, so your vacancies and engineers with a completely different profile of requirements set.

The highest priority of the availability of the production has in the OT. Then must also take the safety measures.


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