The green light for Bitcoin rally BTC-rate cemented new ground

The Bitcoin engine is running hot again. After a short, but the sale of well-known wave-various-On-give-Chain data again, the green light for the next rally.

With a day’s growth of 1.5 percent of the Bitcoin sets-course route the March of the past trading days. The losses since the all-time record high at the end of February have settled gradually. Weekly view of the crypto-currency revolves around 12.9 percent to Plus and listed, therefore, to the editorial deadline for 54.700 US Dollar.

The upturn in the market-dominating crypto-currency from the colors to the Altcoins. With the exception of Cardano (ADA) entered the Top 10 of the largest Cryptocurrencies in the 7-day comparison of gains between 3.9 (Polkadot) and 24 percent (Uniswap). The total market capitalization is currently of 1.74 trillion US dollars only $ 40 billion below the record high of 22. February. With a view to On-Chain data of the crypto-Zugpferds is expected to close this gap quickly.

Miner chokes Bitcoin sales

The Bitcoin got course still point in the course of profit taking and Panic selling shortly after the all-time high under the wheels, various indicators, the current Week-on-Chain-report from the crypto data portal Glassnode, according to, on one end of the Mini-consolidation. A key factor in the correction phase of the Miner, the “enormous CAPEX and OPEX were investments in ASIC Hardware and equipment made”. To cover these costs, they had to sell consistently large Bitcoin amounts. This selling pressure, however, seems to gradually lose weight. Thus, to show that “the Rate of the Miner sales is decreasing”. So “it seems that the Miner to return to the neutral or accumulation mode”.

Another indication of an upward trend, the Bitcoin-distribution of long-term investors who hold their Coins for a minimum period of 155 days. A wide sales trend was recorded between October 2020 and early January, has “behavior of this Distribution, however, slows down”. Although long-term distribute investors “still approximately 44,500 BTC per day”. However, the slowdown of evidence, “that long-term investors, similar to Mining companies, take profits, but certainly not to the exit rush”. As the Trend shifts “in the direction of a decline in the expenditure”.

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A new floor

The discount after Reaching record highs in particular has caught new investors cold, got on the top of the hype. 5,12 million of short-term investors held Bitcoin during all the time were still high in the Plus, has pushed for the consolidation of a share of around 1.14 Bitcoin in the loss zone. As a result, it came increasingly to Panic selling. This Trend seems to tilt again. The Spent Output Profit Ratio (SOPR), which divides the sale price by the purchase price, display with a current value of about 1 “that we have not get any more panic selling”. Accordingly, 1.25 million BTC from STH about $45k had been piled up“”.

This had “raised the support of the lower limit in the range of $46.600 to $47.000”. In short, Bitcoin has stabilized in the past few weeks, a new floor, which lays the Foundation for a bull cycle in the coming weeks.

It remains to be seen whether there would be also the February all-time high of 58.641,00 US-Dollar is cracked. Currently,the price is with 55.027, 84 US dollars only just.

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