The most important Bitcoin News of the week

Bloomberg looks at BTC price soon at $ 50,000; BaFin warns of Bitcoin and co.; Grayscale resolves XRP Trust; Vitalik Buterin criticized trump’s Twitter ban, and Michael Saylor Bitcoin finds better than Tech stocks.

Another exciting week in the crypto-Space is coming to an end. The most important events of Bitcoin and co. in a compact Overview.

Bloomberg looks at BTC price soon at 50,000 USD

A report from Bloomberg lights Bitcoin is very positive and believes that the 50,000 US Dollar falls this year. It is said in the Report that the digital value of memory have crossed the Rubicon into the Mainstream, and still in the early days of the pricing was. A big difference to the price rally of 2017 is that they will have improved the Reputation of Bitcoin. More and more people would realize the potential of BTC. The main threats currently spent according to Bloomberg, in a breakdown in technology or significant price fluctuations due to the so-called Black Swan Events. Otherwise, Bloomberg is looking very optimistic on the future of digital gold.

BaFin warns of Bitcoin and co.

The Federal financial (BaFin) has on 13. January Communication published. The top German financial Supervisory authority, Investors, prior to the recent price developments of, for example, Bitcoin, Ether, XRP, Bitcoin, Cash, and Litecoin on crypto market get carried away warns. BaFin warns on the one hand, to be cautious when investing in Bitcoin and co. But also in derivatives such as contracts for difference or certificates which reflect the price history of crypto-currencies, provides for the authority to be a danger.

Grayscale resolves XRP-Trust

The largest digital asset managers in the world to solve his XRP Trust. This is from a press release of the company from 13. January shows. This Grayscale justified this step with the consequences that had arisen from the lawsuit filed by the us securities and exchange Commission. In particular, the fact of the De-Listings on various crypto stock exchanges is crucial. Thus, U.S. investors have included the Trust, no options to XRP in the US to convert dollars. Thus, the activities of the trust could not be continued. Shareholders the net to get revenue returned. The exact value of the Trusts at the time of Liquidation is unknown. However, the SEC from the 8 goes from a form. January stating that the XRP Trust had just over a week ago to about 70 investors, with an investment volume of $ 19.2 million.

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Investors are also concerned about the Statements of the new SEC chief Gary Gensler. The former Chairman of the financial authority, the CFTC is regarded as a crypto-savvy. Nevertheless, he estimated in an Interview with the New York Times Ripple as a Security Token that represents a digital Form of the security. That would be water on the mills of the SEC.

Vitalik Buterin criticized Donald trump’s Twitter ban

In a Twitter Thread Vitalik Buterin Donald trump reference of various Social Media has condemned platforms. So he find it appalling that people who would normally support such a company never makes, cheered now, Tech CEOs, sat on democratically-elected officials from across. This requires a certain amount of self-examination. According to Vitalik Buterin, the Twitter ban was a win for the separation of powers, there are two centres of power ensured that, if one is broken, and the other for the failure could fill in. It disturbing, however, is that Jack Dorsey, has not been elected by voting, is in breach of the principles of liberal democracy. The support of the Ethereum co-founder in the meantime, Parts of the EU-Commission, which were also voiced criticism of the alone of the social networks gets.

Michael Saylor: Bitcoin better investment opportunity than a Tech stock

MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor sees in Bitcoin a better investment opportunity than Tech companies. This is the essence of a Interviewsthe crypto-connoisseur recently. Therein Saylor says that it would be better to invest in the digital memory, as in the shares of Tech giants like Facebook, Amazon or Apple. The American businessman is with its software vendor MicroStrategy as the first institutional Investor in Bitcoin. In August 2020, the company announced the first $ 250 million in the crypto-currency to invest. In December of last year, the company invested in Virginia twice in BTC. So you bought initially, 400 million dollars. Then, at the end of the month, 650 million. Thus, the U.S. has invested more than a billion dollars in the value memory. Michael Saylor is now regarded as one of the biggest proponents of Bitcoin.