The most important crypto News of the week

Rumors to the Bitcoin-buying on the part of Twitter; Cardano mutated to the Multi-Asset network; Fynn Kliemann auctioned music as NFT; Ripple CEO with a new move, and a Multi-million Scam on the Binance Smart Chain.

Another exciting week in the crypto Space is about to end. The most important events around Bitcoin and co. in a compact Overview.

Billion-Deal ahead: Will Twitter to Bitcoin whale?

Bitcoin Boom: Now it gets SERIOUS!

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Rumors that could Twitter next a publicly-listed company in the annals of Bitcoin-Standards come in. Because, as the company in a press release from the 1. March announced that emits Twitter corporate bonds in the amount of 1.25 billion US-Dollar (USD), the 2026 will be due. Company claims that only institutional investors can participate in the capital increase. The bonds are Convertible Senior Notes, to the German convertible bonds.

That is, investors may exchange the securities before their maturity, in Twitter shares or cash. The rate of interest will be made known to the company. If Twitter goes really in Bitcoin, however, is unclear. Part of the proceeds of the 1.25-billion-Offerings, however, spending in “General corporate purposes, including capital, operation, be put capital and potential Acquisitions”. Here is a BTC Investment would therefore be conceivable.

Cardano mutates into a Mulit-Asset network

The Cardano network has done with the next Hard Fork (“Mary”), is a significant step on the way to a Multi-Asset network. As part of the Goguen-Rollouts Mary for the first time allows the creation of Token and Smart-Contract applications on the Blockchain. Specifically, users can set up in the future, the native Token and Smart-Contract applications on Cardano. As a result, the developers create the basic framework for a broad DeFi-architecture, which declares the supremacy of the Ethereum network, and the upstart Binance Smart Chain (BSC) in particular, due to the low fees of the fight.


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But even if Mary is an important milestone, is Cardano still at the beginning of the path to a Multi-Asset environment. Already last July, conducted a Hard Fork Shelley was, with the introduction of Staking Rewards, as an important door-opener for the decentralization of the network. Now, Mary builds on this Foundation. But the goal is not reached for Cardano yet. With Mary Cardano is currently in the third of five stages of development.

NFT-Premiere: Fynn Kliemann auctioned crypto-music

Fynn Kliemann is a YouTuber, musician, and Netflix Protagonist. Also the skilled web designer is a Fan of decentralized crypto technologies. Now Kliemann offers parts of his music as NFT. With Jinglebe to start the musician his own NFT Sale Rarible. The concept: made Of 100 individual and unique Jingles can choose those interested in the that’s right for you, submit an offer, and in case of successful bid for the associated NFT in the future, call your Own. The respective Jingles are shown on the Ethereum Blockchain and are tailor-made for each mood of the image. In addition to the dreamy “Daydreaming” or “Layback”motifs, the Portfolio has Hodler a treat. With “To the Moon” received Bitcoiners the right melody, when the crypto-currency rushes once again to a record high. Compared to BTC-ECHO Fynn Kliemann gave an insight into his project.

Ripple CEO, Brad garlinghouse, with a new move

The billion dispute with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) goes into the next round. Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse is currently with the idea to go on the Offensive. His lawyers have written a letter to the Federal judge Analisa Torres, in which you indicate the intention of the Manager, dismiss the lawsuit filed by the U.S. securities and exchange Commission in December against him. This document is available on the Homepage of Ripple view. The defenders argue that the already amended complaint, the SEC of a “regulatory assault the rule of law,” coming. The SEC ignore the “economic realities” of the question XRP sales. Garling house lawyers to represent, however, is of the opinion that it cannot succeed, he has enough of intent or Knowledge of wrongdoing to be proven.

Alleged Multi-million Scam on Binance Smart Chain

US-American media reports agree that the DeFi to have committed project “Meerkat” fraud in the millions on the Binance Smart Chain. On the Morning of 5. March, 10:00 a.m. Central European time, the company said in its Telegram group that it had been the victim of a hack – a day after it was hooked on the BSC in. So 13,96 million in BUSD, and 73.653 BNB Token of the platform disappeared. Together, this results in a total loss of $ 31 million.

Now the suspicion is raised that Meerkat itself could be behind the attack. The demonstrated On-Chain data. Therefore, the attacker used the own Developer Accounts Meerkat, the Changes made to the Smart Contract to carry out. This accusation is reinforced by the fact that the crypto-project is cut short after the Disappearance of the Token and all Connections to your social channels. So, for example, TwitterAccount offline, and the Website is for US $ 10,000 for sale. The company seems to have his name made and to be literally into the hole in the ground and disappeared.

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