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You want a cheap phone with a lot of power? Then you are served with the Smartphones Samsung Galaxy A-series. We explain in the Video and Text, what are the advantages of middle-class models are, and what you 2021 may be pleased.

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In the case of the A-class is something for almost everyone. According to the Motto “technology should be accessible to everyone” was the Samsung-Galaxy-A-Series developed. This means in clear text: large Displays and high performance for a fair price.

From entry-level mobile phone to Almost-upper-class, the group would like to show with the newer series devices, the Galaxy A20e, A40, A50, A70, A80, and most recently with the A51 and A71, how broad his Portfolio fails. What is the size of some of the Smartphones to find out in our Video.

A like everything: Samsung Galaxy A-series

The original Samsung-Galaxy-A-series of the South Korean group launched in the year 2015. The focus of the Galaxy A3 and the A4 was on mass production high quality as well as availability in many markets. The A stands for Alpha. The devices are outfitted with a good price-performance ratio. You cannot but be aware of the level of the flagships of the Galaxy S series.

According to the new Line-up in the fifth Generation in the year 2019, followed by 2020, the models of the sixth, of Galaxy A01 Core to the Galaxy A71 5G UW. By the way: Also the tablet Galaxy Tab A are part of the Samsung-Galaxy-A-series.

Our comparison: the Galaxy cut-mobile phones

Five mobile phones in the Galaxy A-series were made available to us in 2019. They differ greatly in terms of features and price. While the Hardware of the cheapest variant, the Samsung Galaxy A20e, is sure to win any prizes, it does not cost the world. Much better the Galaxy A40 and A50 are unique to therefore, the very much more of the middle class. Equipped with a large Display and snappy processor, find the phones many buyers.

The Galaxy A50 up a Triple-camera comes in the models, which is accompanied by a high-resolution Selfie camera. Even the Galaxy A40, Samsung has thought of a lens with ultra wide-angle.

The Top two models are clearly the Galaxy A70 and A80. Both the scratching on the top class with a strong battery (A70) and a very special Triple camera (A80). The Triple-Cam has a clever mechanism in which the lenses rotate, depending on whether a Selfie is taken or not. All of the Details you see in the Video above.

Blockbuster: The Galaxy A51

Some of the newer models of the Samsung-Galaxy-A-series are not represented in our Video. Including a veritable box-office hit of the group: the Samsung Galaxys A21s, A11, A51. They occupy even places 2 to 4 in the Ranking of the most sold Smartphones worldwide in the third quarter of 2020. The reported the market research firm Canalys in the beginning of November of this year.

Only almost every fourth smartphones sold by Samsung does not come. The A21s is also the best-selling Android phone. And with the Galaxy A31 and the Galaxy A01 Core Samsung is even five times in the Top 10.

Under the Slogan “Awesome is for everyone” has Samsung advertised its new Galaxy A-series in 2019.

No wonder, however, finally, the appliances from the cut in Tests is usually pretty good, the technology is up-to-date and convince you prices with their middle-class. The A21s costs about 200 Euro. On days like Black Friday is very popular, the A51 is. Who wants to know more, watch our in-depth Test of the almost perfect beginner’s device, Samsung Galaxy A51.

Samsung Galaxy A-series: Because of what’s to come

With the great success it is not surprising that the Samsung Galaxy A-series will be continued. The devices of the very cheap and good Galaxy-A71 series 2021, and more will follow. The Line-up of the seventh Generation, so much is certainly up to date, these models include:

  • Galaxy A02s
  • Galaxy A12
  • Galaxy A42 5G

This will make the customer once more the question: is now a 5G-Smartphone? Probably in April 2021, we will know more.