The rocket launches into the air era

You know, this exalted feeling, when the mist eventually the sun shines through? With the Winter solstice and the time of the same Jupiter/Saturn conjunction from 21. December 2020 applies the energy at all levels and a new light begins to show through. We have finally arrived in the air epoch – this is also true for Bitcoin.

Saturn (structure examination) switched to 17. December 2020, in the Aquarian characters (up to March 2023) – the sign of spiritual freedom, the friendships, the companions, the networking and the new technologies. And Jupiter (Expansion), followed on 19. December 2020 (up to 29. Dec 2021) also in this air sign. These two giants were at 21. December 2020 at 19:20 CET this gigantic conjunction, which wandered as the Christmas star or star of Bethlehem by all the media, which means a sperm Deposit. Not that everything would be new. But the way for the New is now paved. A fascinating development is now before us, which lifts us out of our conventional Thinking on a broader level, the interconnected to each other (Aquarius).

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The 17., 19. and 21. December 2020 were all special days in the cosmos, in which large changes in frequency take place and have found that relate to the whole of humanity. With Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions is used to measure in astrology history. It is the oldest and most reliable method to determine the new developments and changes. The conjunction leads directly from the old earth era in the air epoch. From the materialistic consumer society in an idealistic society.

The materialistic consumer society

The last 200 years – in 1802 – we were in the cycle of the earth element, which is cold and dry. This time coincided almost exactly with the Industrial Revolution: There were battles and wars for resources and goods. Possession and materialism were the great topics of the time. Many of the new countries ‘ borders were re-defined and strengthened. Smoking factories, Assembly lines, and streams were covered the globe. The dogmas of the Measurable and Ownable took over the rule in the spirit of the times.

The idealistic knowledge-based society

Since 1980, we are in a transition phase between the earth and the air. Globalization – the spread of people, ideas and cultures – is an expression of it. It is the basis for the technology of the air-laid era. This area has been developed since the 80 years: today, We can occur at any time with anyone in contact and communicate, the latest development with the 5G also.

The digitalisation of our life-world began: computers, Smartphones, and Internet led us from the chunky, coarse, pixelated calculating machines of the late Erd epoch over to the subtle Clouds, data networks and holograms in the air epoch. The data networks, in turn, were the basis of the Blockchain-Tecnologie, which, in turn, is currencies the Basis for the Bitcoin and other Crypto. In the last few decades, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media have been developed and have changed our habits of communication. Only through social media could distribute the idealistic philosophy of Blockchain and Bitcoin in the world and a global Community.

Bitcoin and Blockchain – the technology of The future

The Capricorn was the Basis on which the air of the epoch to fly can go. The digital infrastructure for the take off in the air was placed in the last few years in Capricorn. Example the horoscope of Bitcoin is. Bitcoin is a Capricorn with a lot of elements in Aquarius and Pisces, but that Bitcoin can respond flexibly to changes in the market is at its “source code” and this is the Capricorn. Bitcoin is the currency of the future, because this zodiac sign are formative of the new time. Data are the future of that new Gold. This is the motto of the air era, and you can take that literally.

At the first Lockdown, even in the earth-epoch, rose Gold and Bitcoin, the stock market plummeted. Now the second Lockdown in the air epoch, moored in the Gold and Bitcoin and other crypto currencies have to go through the ceiling. The rocket is launched. This is set to continue. Blockchain is one of the major underlying technologies of the air era. This goes far beyond the Speculative, the value of memory, such as the limited Bitcoin. Here it’s about everything that can coordinate our social life on a decentralised basis. In the case of Ethereum, that can be seen more clearly. Here’s a whole universe of social functions is built in the Ethereum world around it.

The economic life and perhaps, also, the political life will change through the Blockchain technology fundamentally, and with it the established professions and industries. No more standards, authorities in the temple, and the hierarchies will be in the future, the key to success, but flexibility, creativity and lateral Thinking. Blockchain as a theoretical as well as technical substructure of the a lot of currencies, more than Bitcoin or any other Crypto. Bitcoin belongs to the Blockchain as the World Wide Web to the Internet – a practical application to the entire platform.

Goodbye 2020, hello 2021!

Even if the new air-era will now have for 200 years your validity, we get to feel the beginning of 2021, and the next 2-3 years the exchange in the Form of crises. Especially in the financial sector of the rollover will be from the start to be felt. This is good for us, Bitcoin and Blockchain-Fans, but we do not live alone in this world. 2021 will be characterised by the theme that it always comes back to conflicts between long-standing, existing norms and structures and the need for complete upheaval. The Keeper Saturn is in conflict with the reformer Uranus. We are already feeling in January and February.

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