These are the 5 most expensive Non-fungible Token

At a record pace NFT have created, almost from scratch a multi-million dollar market that is expected to change the way artists and consumers to interact, for always. It brought some of the NFT already to world fame. The Following is the most spectacular Token sales.

5. NFT history, in pixels, of the form

The beginning of an NFT from the popular crypto-punk power series Larva Labs. On 19. February-Punk no 6965 changed hands for the equivalent of US $ 1.5 million. The starting bid for the “Ape Punk” was Opensea yet seven months ago, at 45 Ether, but, ultimately, for 800 Ether over the counter. After the recent record high of Ethereum, the value to nearly 2 million US Dollar reached a new level. It seems as if the buyer did not purchase the worst of Value. The most recent offer is at 2,100 Ether, and thus the equivalent of 5 million US dollars.

NFT Mania: Worth an Investment?

NFT Between Hype and substance

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That is no theme so well you can argue how about art, illustrated hardly a NFT series as much as the Crypto Punks. The Pixel images to achieve such high prices, is likely to be less of the “artistic value”, rather than on their Status. The 10,000 motives comprehensive Crypto-Punks-series for the crypto-Space is a special value. They were the first NFT on Ethereum and have thus provided the impetus for the current NFT Hype. Over 350 million US dollars have already been invested in the NFT collection.

4. The first Twitter message

“just setting up my twttr”: Who would have thought 15 years ago that the nondescript words, once the big money make. The first, still a little shy Tweet in the history of Twitter-in-chief and Bitcoin Fan of Jack Dorsey himself has made it to the NFT stage. On 22. March of the Token was Valuables for US $ 2.9 million sold.

In a slugfest with Tron founder Justin Sun Bridge Oracle CEO Sina Estavi could decide the auction and, ultimately, for themselves. So he now owns a little piece of Internet history, and its “true value” is understood according to Estavi probably in a few years:

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This is not just a Tweet! I think, years later, people will realize the true value of this tweet, as the painting of the Mona Lisa.

Sina Estavi on – how could it be otherwise – Twitter

3. Shapeshifter-NFT

The Bronze medal goes to the NFT of the digital artist Beeple. For 6.66 million US dollars, a 10-second Video in the “CROSSROAD” on Nifty been sold. This is a profitable business: The buyer “Pablo” had acquired the NFT in November of last year, for the liquor in the number of 66.666 US Dollar, and with a Zero, more immediately, to the further sale. 666.666 US Dollar was not enough for him, however. In January, he has corrected the price to the top. Audacity pays off, apparently: On 25. February has found a buyer for “CROSSROAD”.

The Video is slashing a clear side in the direction of Donald Trump. Walkers pass by on a larger-than-life and fallen EX-President, to all sorts of insults were lubricated. The highlight of this: With a victory for trump, the NFT would have changed the shape. In the alternative version of a Trump would have been watch runs with a crown through hell.

2. Two NFT, a buyer?

The second two Crypto Punks brothers alike. On 11. March was initially no 7804 for 4,200 Ether Opensea at a price of 7.5 million dollars on the table.

And because it was so beautiful, pulled no 3100 only a few hours later, with a sale price of 7.5 million US dollars is equal to.

Whether it is a big coincidence or the buyer might have agreed, to remain their secret. The very similar shopping lists on Opensea suggest, however, that it addresses is one and the same buyer with a different Wallet.

1. The First 5.000 Days

Some of you may have guessed, on the victory podium, it’s – drum roll – the art of Beeple made with the 5,000 individual pictures of comprehensive Collage, “The First Of 5,000 Days”. The work went on September 11. March for a whopping $ 69 million at the prestigious auction house Christie’s on the stage. Thus, it is the third most expensive work by a living artist ever.

The buyer was Metapurse-founder Vignesh Sundaresanwho had only just under the nose , in front of Justin Sun. The Tron founder seems to have a knack for future purchases. Faced with the exploding market growth of Non-fungible tokens are expected to offer in the future, but still some opportunities for Sun.

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