This 400-Euro-mobile phone creates what the iPhone 12 Pro fails

With the iPhone 12, Apple has presented a powerful Smartphone, for however, a minimum of € 1,100 will be required. As it turns out, all that is in the Android field also 400 Euro, in order to surpass the iPhone. Compromises will not be discussed here namely.

OnePlus North

OnePlus North: phone outperforms iPhone flagship

The cost of a three-digit amount, for the other has a four-digit sum on the table to be placed: The speech is from the OnePlus the North that in the summer of 2020 was released, and the iPhone 12 Pro, which came in October 2020 in the trade. Despite the extreme price difference, the Android can phone prove in fact, in some areas more than the latest iPhone.

Apple has managed to publish towards the end of the year 2020, a Top Smartphone that relies on a refresh rate of only 60 Hertz. Because the OnePlus the North-only a tired smile with his 90 Hertz, which provide a much smoother image. Why Apple has decided not to 90 or even 120 Hertz, has been officially is not communicating. Rumors there are, however, already longer, that you had to choose basically between two functions. Either a 5G module or a higher refresh rate, both of which should not be able to support the built-in battery easy to at the same time, it is called.

Also the battery life it can record in the 400-Euro-phone from the house of OnePlus with the iPhone 12 Pro only, but it can with ease outstrip. While the battery comes in the new iPhone only has a capacity of 2.815 mAh, the much cheaper OnePlus Northern whole 4.115 mAh. Despite the much larger battery, the Smartphone from OnePlus is charged even faster. The 20 watts for the iPhone 12 Pro leave the phone in 30 minutes for a half load. When OnePlus the North, however, 30 Watt to be able to fill 70 percent of the battery in half an hour.

Our impression of the iPhone 12 in the Video:

iPhone 12 Pro: More power, but not everywhere

Even if can not put the iPhone 12 Pro in the two categories studied in front of the OnePlus is North, so it remains yet in the end the better phone. The excellent camera with its optical Zoom and the ability to create a video with 4K resolution and 60 frames per second, is likely to be for customers more important than the question of whether 60 or 90 Hertz are used. Also, the processor of the iPhone 12 Pro (A14 Bionic) beats the Snapdragon 765 of the OnePlus one to the North-in spite of a less powerful battery.